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NASHVIL, Ten. (WKRN) – Catonia Dortch’s hardest week since her son, 30-year-old Timothy Fields, was shot and killed near Bar Louis last Friday night.

“Just taking someone for a day is so painful,” says Dortch, trying to hold back the tears.

Living in Kentucky, Dortch said he was called and told that Fields had been shot and that he should be rushed to hospital. Rushing to Nashville, Dortch said he was not ready for the heartbreak that awaited him.

“A million years later, I did not think I would go through all this again with another child. “I just lost my baby, I was trying to recover, he told me my son was dead.”

According to Metro police, Fields took to the streets at Bar Louie’s on Friday night to smoke a cigarette. Police say Fields had an affair with 26-year-old Berwin Freeman. Fields was shot in the chest and rushed to hospital. Witnesses inside told News 2 that they had put on a duck և when they heard the first shot.

Fields’ mother described her son as a loving, social person, a father of three young children.

“I want them to know that their father was something special not only to us but to everyone,” Dortch said.

Freeman reported to police earlier this week. He is accused of criminal murder. Investigators had previously determined that Freeman was involved in the shooting. As of Tuesday, Freeman is being held without a connection.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Dortch has had this type of heart attack. In 2019, his eldest son was shot several times and was found by police on the highway to the local Houston house.

Dortch spoke to ABC 13 in Houston, Texas, after the shooting, and told reporters at the time: “I could not eat or sleep. I just պարզապես I just want justice for my baby. ”

According to Houston police, 23-year-old Raymond Donald Williams was charged with murder when he saw him fleeing the scene. Williams was living in the house at the time.

“My heart sank when my eldest son was killed. I was ready to put the pieces back together. Now it came. It shattered everything to the floor,” Dortch said.

Although the suspects have been caught in both cases, Dortch says one question remains. The motive, which he calls a senseless murder.

“I lost without my babies. “My life will never be the same,” Dortch said. After giving birth to three children, she says one is still alive.

The family has scheduled a liturgy in honor of Fields to be held on Thursday, June 10, near Bar Louis, between 8pm and 10pm.


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