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With their giant shining eyes, ghost flight, wide range of bells. Deep-bodied, like owls, owls have always been a personal favorite. It seems to each other that they are also very friendly. I will never forget the time when I watched a barn owl smok, passionately watching the foggy Republic Day dawn at the entrance to their gulm tree residence, while their three furry teenagers stared into their eyes (“Children, pay attention; this is actually about the Syrian mascara “). The small rotation of the vessel was marked by variegated spots, such as curling, և sometimes, whole families were comfortable on the branch. The images are huge on social media when hand-bred owls lovingly kiss their human caregivers և, sometimes even other animals such as dogs. I’m not committed to keeping birds as pets, but if you ever rescue a baby, feed it as long as it can fly և leave it out every night so it can learn to hunt on its own (of course, keep the dead mouse ready just if it still hungry to fly back).

The owl clan serves as a wonderful example of different types of child care. Most nests make exemplary parents. Adults are usually connected throughout life և Both parents care for the child. While the “man” of the family goes hunting, the mother stays behind and takes care of her babies (happy patriarchs, hang on). When the man returns to his lovely rat, he hands it over to his partner. who then feeds the chicks.

Now the barn owls (the most common) chicks can be born a few days apart because the eggs are laid that way. The first passages are, of course, larger than their siblings. In rape families (eagles և kites), the rivalry between brothers and sisters is fierce and bloody. Especially in difficult times, a senior chicken kills its brother or sister to sniff out all the fare. In owl owl families, older siblings are allowed to feed the young children first, but since there is no free meal, the children have to gather the older siblings in return.

Indeed, a mother who fiercely defends a large eagle owl will not allow her mate to come to the nest with her prey, but will take it from her to separate and feed her babies. She fears that in the event of a car accident, she may simply moan at her newborns (how many fearless mothers in families have sheltered their children from drunken fathers). Alas, deja vu, Mr. Eagle owl may have a second loss. in a private house in the distance և has to feed two families.

But there is at least one species where the much-worshiped “mother instinct” is happily absent. In the UK, ornithologists have been tracking the movement and breeding of short-eared owls (winter visitors to India) using long-haired controllers and found something unexpected. A female owl was properly nested to lay her eggs, dutifully incubating them while her husband continued to watch. When the last chick hatched from its egg, the mother packed her bags and left. He flew for 14 hours to Norway, where he found another boy, started a family, and left again after the newborns left. Returning home, his ex-partner diligently picked up the glove and raised the children. Now this was not a short-sighted “disposable” of an exceptional liberated woman. This is what they do as a species.

Of course, the most liberated of the owls must be the digging owl – very similar to our little owl, who would be strangled to know what happened to this imperfect western relative. A burrowing nest found in the Americas lays its nests in nearby dog ​​kennels, shaking its cheeks together. A drunken lady can probably take a neighbor beef biscuit while her partner happily looks at the lovely young man on the other side of the road. The final result. Nobody knows whose newborns they are, և nobody seems to care.

Adults continue their unscrupulous’s children,, children, usually half-sisters և brothers, accidentally go around digging, lovingly feeding and caring for those who enter the digging. After all, a child is a child, և his care should be. In fact, it’s worth it. Say you are a cold-blooded child with you և Checking the relationship. The coyote is approaching. Naturally, you will dive into the nearest ditch, not try to walk home for a long time. Bringing owls would be terrifying to know what happened to the families of much higher “carnivores”, even primates, where Rambo, a newcomer, kills his beloved wife’s newborns by tearing up his ex-partner. The genes behind such self-promotion fanaticism need education and can learn from this little golden-eyed owl.

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