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What you need to know about Thursday, July 8, 2021.

Today’s weather

High: 90; Low: 72. Mostly cloudy, thunderstorm.

Photo of the day:

Fresh Presed Juice Bar ribbon cutting ceremony

Brianna Dixon prepares a smoothie at the new location of Fresh Pressed Juice Bar on Harrisburg Second Street. (Photo by Sean Simmers,

Crime և courts

Cold case. Investigators were able to find the girl’s cousin 14 years ago with the help of newer DNA technology, and then worked to find her mother. The woman was arrested. Read more.

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HMAC trial. Former Harrisburg landlords have been fined nearly $ 5 million for defamation. The judge found fake allegations in the individuals և blog that led to the bankruptcy of the business group. Read more.

Quick chicken Shaurma և grill

Hypden jar on Hampden Twp at Quick Chick Shawarma and Grill. June 24, 2021. Jo o Hermit |: Hermit |

Everything has changed

Advices. As many restaurants had to restrict or remove people during the epidemic, dinners were expanded with more tips. Will it continue? Read more.

Travel trips. Airline travel restrictions are easing, airports are seeing more people, more people are trying to pick up things they shouldn’t. Read more.

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Party policy

There is no change in the elections. The chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Public Administration said he was ready to consider any electoral reform, including allowing ballot papers to be processed early until a new governor is elected. Read more.

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Audit of new elections. Senator Doug Mastriano, a supporter of Trump, begins a “forensic investigation” in the state in 2020. On the presidential election, threatening sub-zones for non-cooperating countries. Read more.

Rutgers v. Penny State, December 5, 2020

Rutgers defender John Ony Langan (21) was sent down by Penn State midfielder Brandon Smith (12) in the December 2020 game. (Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media, file)Andrew Mills |: NJ Advance Media for


Bold predictions. Bob Flounders believes that Penn State’s Brandon Smith will fulfill his 5-star promise to become the main line of the All-Big Ten. Read more.

Quick demons. Colleges are always looking for players who can run. Pa. 2022 class has some boys who can absolutely roll. Read more.

Discard your power supplies, bathtubs

Backyard poultry farmers have been asked to take down their poultry feeder ոգ baths until biologists find out why a mysterious new bird flu has spread to eastern states, including Pennsylvania. (Photo by Markus Schneck |


Singing birds that kill the latest mysterious disease | 3 և 6 year old boys die after being found in a neighbor’s pool | From the man accused of rioting in the Capitol, Feds seize Lego collection, police plans | Robert Downey Jr. dies at 85 Video of Devin Bush’s dead cat angers Steelers Nation | Funding Boost Offices to Discover Puppy Laboratories |

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