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How can parents help?

Five-month-olds develop rapidly.

Five-month-olds develop rapidly. Parents can help their five-month-old develop by talking and reading with their baby. It could be teaching, hugging, and entertaining your child.

As a parent, it is fun to be involved in the development of your five month old baby. Parents play an important role in promoting the development of children socially and physically. At this age, learning and playing are inseparable. Then spend time with your child to help them reach their most important developmental stage

Communication և language development

Talking to your child

You can help your child develop:

  • Ask your child.
  • Responding to your baby’s fun: lips.
  • Describe to your child what you see, hear and smell.
  • Using simple words like baby, cat, go, warm, walk և cold.

Read to your child

Your child’s reading develops speech and thinking.

  • As you read, make sounds that your child can imitate.
  • Use large, brightly colored picture books.
  • Name և name some common subjects.

Physical or motor development

Position change

You should change the position of the baby often, placing them on their stomach for a few minutes while you control them. While the baby is lying on their stomachs

  • Get a colorful toy to make sounds to encourage your child to raise their head.
  • Hold your baby’s hand, gently pull them to the standing position.
  • When your baby is ready, try sitting down. Be sure to place pillows for support or hold the baby while sitting.

Play favorite games:

Try playing favorite games with your child to develop his or her physical և motor skills.

  • Play Peekaboo with your child.
  • Hide one of your child’s toys in the corner of the blanket և Encourage him to find it.
  • Ask the child. “Where are your fingers?” then touch your child’s fingers և say: “Here are your fingers.”

Offer simple toys

At this age, children often enjoy colorful toys, especially those that make sounds. You can

  • Try a musical toy, a vibrating handle, a soft ball, or a wooden spoon.
  • Take out only one or two toys at a time to keep your child focused.
  • Place a toy out of reach to encourage your child to stretch and crawl.
  • Shake a vibration on the back of your baby’s head և let them turn և hold it.

Social և emotional development

Take the time to wrap up

Give your child all the wraps and love they deserve. Also, do not forget

  • Give gentle caresses և tender kisses so that your baby feels safe and secure.
  • Hold or rock your baby, speak slowly, or sing soothing songs.
  • Hug, talk, play with your baby while feeding, getting dressed, or bathing.
  • Hold your baby, talk, smile.

Let the child decide his own pace

  • Reassure your child when they are upset or confused.
  • Try to understand their unique personality, temperament, likes and dislikes.
  • Respond to your child’s confidence-building needs.

Ogn unconscious development

Turn on the music

Sing with your child or play music to calm, entertain or teach your child.

Teach causation

Take a toy when the child throws it on the floor and return it to help teach causation.

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