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Hospital officials say the post may have had an impact on the epidemic.

Between June 24 and June 28, the hospital doubled its record-breaking birth rate by giving birth to a total of 107 babies in 91 hours.

The “baby boom” was not a complete anomaly for Andrews Women’s Hospital at Baylor Scott և White All Saints Medical Center, as it is considered a high birth rate hospital. However, this inflow of births was higher than any hospital in the past, surpassing the previous record of 48 births in 41 births.

Hospital staff believe the post, which Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center called “rare և exceptional” in a press release, may have had an impact on the epidemic.

“Last spring, when we first went to quarantine, we were all speculating … it is possible that in December [or] “We can see a boom in January, but it did not happen,” Michelle Stamley, a nurse at Andrews Women ‘s Maternity Hospital, told Barry Luys America.

Thus, Stemley said that he and his colleagues believe that people feel more comfortable “expanding their families after quarantine items began to return to normal.”

Stemley was “very busy” working during the “baby boom”, although he enjoyed bringing new life to families in the world.

“The team worked very hard, but we had a lot of fun taking care of all these families during these busy times,” Stemley said.

The team adapted to speed up the process of postpartum delivery to mothers.

“Everyone needs to come together to make sure we can move our mothers as soon as possible so that they can give birth. When they are recovering, we will take them to their next room, their postpartum room. “At once, so we can open another delivery room to bring these patients in,” Stemley said.

OBGYN Dr. Ayey Herd had a different experience. In fact, she did not even notice the high number of births until they counted the numbers, as the women’s hospital is a “busy, busy unit,” she said.

“And my patients did not notice that much difference in their births,” Herd added.

He thinks the boom is not an isolated incident. Instead, he predicts that the birth rate will continue to rise due to the conditions of the COVID-19 epidemic.

“I do not think it will disappear,” said Herd. “In seven or eight months we will see a lot of … population growth.”



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