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If you recently visited the Sedgwick Zoo to see KJ with his little black rhino and his mother, Bibi, you may be in the mood to see more newborn animals. Did you know that there are seven AZA-certified zoos in Kansas, և 20 if you expand your search to 400 miles from Wichita?

AZA, or Zoo Aquarium Association, is a non-profit group representing more than 240 institutions around the world that the accreditation organization says have met high standards of animal welfare as well as conservation commitment.

Visiting the AZA attraction, the group says: “Assures that you support an institution dedicated to the excellent care of animals, a great experience for you, a better future for all living beings.”

Together we take a look at what’s new at this regional, AZA-accredited zoo. In addition to newborns, you will find new species on display, updated exhibits for modern residents նոր new regional zoo events և attractions.

A full list of AZA accredited facilities can be found at Consider planning an August road trip or visiting in the fall, when higher temperatures may mean more animal activity.

Hutchinson Zoo, Hutchinson

The Hutchinson Zoo, a 10-acre site in Kerry Park, opened the North American Otter Exhibition last summer. They have a young couple, Theo և Wims, who hope to eventually be able to show up at the same time as the older Ill, an older woman.

They also have two newborn pistols, and added two ring cats that look like a cross between the house and the sink. Other popular areas are: Mini-Farm, World Biomass Building covering different parts of the world և Prairie Thunder train walking around the zoo.

The zoo is open every day from 10 am to 4 pm. 45. Admission is $ 2 per person or $ 5 per family; Requires a ticket to drive the train.

David Trailer Zoo, Emporia

The city-run David Traylor Zoo debuted a new entry earlier this month, including a North American Flyway Falls, migratory bird pond, fountain and waterfalls. At the same time, the zoo dedicated itself to its new ook uckura’s exhibit, finally allocating space to a collection of Australian native birds known for its territorial appeal.

The Emporia Zoo is free and is just as popular with its botanical exhibits of more than 8 acres as the 300 animals on display, said director Lisa Keith. He said visitors would see baby sea dogs, new female bison and crowned lemurs added to the Mission to Madagascar naturalistic wall.

The David Trailor Zoo is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 30, Sunday եք Wednesdays, working days.

Rolling Hills Zoo, Salina

Rolling Hills Zoo, 6 miles west of Salina, announced last week a major expansion of the Lions Exhibition, which is scheduled to open next spring. This year, however, visitors can enjoy the new structure of the playground in the Nature Playground նոր many newcomers, including window joe, giraffe calf, turbulent oryx calf և five Chilean flamingos.

Rolling Hills has 65 acres of more than 100 species և 64,000 square feet of museum featuring taxidermy displays. The zoo is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm, until the change of day changes during off-peak hours.

Sunset Zoo, Manhattan

Sunset Zoo, which is open daily at 9 am. 5 out of 30, has more than 200 animals on 26 hectares. Its new Wonderland Room allows visitors to get up close and personal with animal ambassadors, including bead owls, fruits and fish. The nature playground also offers herald և Tortuga, Sulcata turtle feedings for $ 1 per weekend.

The zoo plans to open its $ 4.3 million Expedition Asia next spring. It will be the Malaysian tigers, lazy bears, նոր The new home of bachelor leopards և will present training wall experiments տես neglect for pavilion visitors to see the species better.

Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center, Topeka:

Topeka Zoo և Conservation Center is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. The 80-acre zoo is located in the area of ​​Gage Park in the city and has more than 300 animals. New exhibits include Kay McFarland’s Japanese Garden, which was completed in 2020 Կ Camp Kovabunga, opened in 2018, featuring African lions, African Puppies, Red-tailed Monkey, and more.

At the time, Camp Cowabunga was the largest exhibition in the history of the zoo, but the new project will go beyond that. The first giraffe, born in Kansas, was born in 1970 at Topeka Zoo, and since then, the species has been popular with visitors to Topeka Zoo. The zoo established its new Giraffe կեր Friends settlement in June 2021, which was located on a previously undeveloped 3 hectare area. It is expected to open in 2022.

The zoo has a new Hoffman’s Lazy և fundraising event. Each Steins and Vines event features live music or live comedy with beer, wine and food trucks. Guests receive wildlife souvenirs that are unique that night; The rest of the Steins and Vines dates are July 31 (otter), September 18 (giraffe) և October 2 (tarantula).

Oklahoma Zoo և Botanical Garden, OKC

The Oklahoma Zoo has had a special exhibit since October 31 that features life-size anime dinosaurs created by Jurassic Park consultant Dino Don Lesem. Dino Safari has 15 portable displays and eight copies of the skeleton in the 6-hectare zoo. This exhibition requires an additional ticket, in addition to admission to the 119-hectare zoo, which houses 1,900 animals.

The zoo, which was open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., had a male giraffe calf born in January. Kioni can be seen every day in the giraffe’s habitat with her parents, herd friends, including someone who is pregnant and about to be born. There are alligator-breaking turtles in the area of ​​the children’s zoo.

Bat foxes, known for their huge ears, are the newest members of the OKC Zoo. Male female pairs of African savannah species were brought in through animal rescue. They can be seen near the Lion Overlook.

Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Tulsa Zoo has a long-tailed baby Chinchilla և baby Diana monkey, plus a new female alligator, whom they call the Nellie Arctic fox, called cotton.

The biggest news of the 85-acre zoo, where more than 1,500 animals live, is the $ 3 million Helmerich Playground. Behaving like animals “is the opening of the area. There are areas for all ages that provide education by playing and moving like their favorite animals.

Kansas City Zoo, Kansas City, Mo.

About every three to four years, the Kansas City Zoo brings in a pair of visiting koalas. Mars roosters only stay for a short time because their feeding is expensive. The strict diet of young koalas eucalyptus owners should be fresh, as the eucalyptus does not grow in Kansas, it should be flown from Florida twice a week.

Until November, you have 10-year-old Tecory and 7-year-old Chakels from the San Diego Koala Conservation Education Program. While at the zoo, do not miss the Polar Bear Passage, which last winter met Nunik, a 4-year-old 1,100-pound male polar bear. He joined a 31-year-old woman in Berlin. Another recent upgrade was the $ 10 million renovation of the elephant shells. The elephant expedition opened in 2020 and is home to seven African elephants.

The KC Zoo, with 1,700 animals on 200 acres in Swope Park, requires non-members to make temporary reservations to access the zoo. You can purchase a ticket up to 14 days in advance at

Lee Richardson Zoo, Garden City

Garden City Lee Lee Richardson Zoo welcomed its first newborn Eastern Black Rhinoceros earlier this year, born from ab abari և ha ohri, a breeding pair that united the zoo in 2016 to promote the endangered species population.

There is a newborn red rotten lemur, the zoo has added the highly endangered Amur leopard և 4-year-old jaguar. The 50-hectare zoo with 300 animals is located in Garden City’s Finup Park. It’s free if you choose to walk և $ 10 per car for a car entry that will take you to the exhibits. Daylight saving time is from 8 am to 7 pm every day, then it is moved from 8 am to 5 pm after the Labor Day, and the traffic is closed one hour earlier.

Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, Omaha

The Henry Doorly Zoo վարի Aquarium, which is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., has undergone a number of renovations and new developments over the past five years as the zoo has changed its size by grouping species by region. : From the African Grassland Exhibition, which opened in 2016 to the Asian Highlands, which ended in 2019, US TODAY’s readers voted for the 2021 Best Zoo Exhibition in North America.

Bay Family Kids Adventure Trails, a five-acre outdoor adventure training area opened in 2017 և 2020, Owen Sea Lion Shores debuted its 40-foot underwater viewing window in a realistic Pacific atmosphere with a heated atmosphere. , sandy beaches, underwater algae forest և 275,000 gallon pool.

Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth

Voted by USA Today’s readers in 2021 (behind the Second Incine Zoo և Botanical Garden)), voting for the second best zoo in the country, Fort Worth Zoo opened its newest habitat in April.

Elephant Springs gives 1 acre to the zoo’s elephant herd of seven elephants, including a three-generation family, to roam a larger rhino with one horn. There are many green areas for elephants – water pipes, and for people there is an opportunity to sprinkle the current with water currents – floating fishing village to explore.

The new settlement is the second phase of a $ 100 million capital campaign that will transform the zoo into lions, tigers, hyenas, African wild dogs, clouded leopards, hedgehogs and several exotic birds. Predators in Africa և Asia will open in 2023.

Fort Worth Zoo has more than 7,000 animals on an area of ​​64 hectares; is open every day from 9 am to 4 pm.

Be sure to check the latest hourly updates այցել before visiting.


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