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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – Health officials across the country believe that the rise in respiratory syncytial viral infections among young children across the country is due in part to people who do not take COVID-19 precautions.

Health experts across the country say there has been a dramatic increase in RSV infections in young children, and Epidemiology nurse Brandi Smith says this is the same for Lone Star State.

“It simply came to our notice then, mainly because of the declining risk of public health measures [re]is shocked by our COVID warnings, “said Smith.

RSV is a respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms that commonly affect young children under one year of age և over 65 years of age.

It spreads like a coronavirus through respiratory droplets.

Smith said RSV is not a reported condition, so it is unclear how many cases the county has seen, but pediatric association doctor Ake Kayser said the area follows trends in all other areas.

“We’ve seen a lot of RSV cases և bronchiolitis, which is a disease caused by RSV, we had an invisibly high increase in late spring և summer,” Kaiser said.

Kaiser և Smith says that there is usually an increase during the cold winter months, so it is strange that there is an increase now.

So what should parents look for?

“You have to pay attention to heavy breathing, usually a few days after the illness, babies can start to have difficulty breathing, where they suck deeper, using all their muscles to inhale air, so you really have to look at what the chest is doing. “- said the Kaiser.

Kaiser said that if you notice that your baby is breathing too fast or too hard, they should be evaluated immediately by a doctor.

He said that while the vast majority of children infected with the virus would be fine, they could be treated at home, but if left untreated, RSV could be fatal.

“On average, there are about 58,000 hospitalizations a year, which is’s for RIDV kiddos in the United States, then there are 100 to 500 deaths a year among children, which is a lot,” Smith said.

Smith and Kaiser say the key to preventing RSV is to be safe, wash your hands, keep your baby away from sick people, cover up sneezing, and always disinfect.

Although difficult to detect because RSV mimics the symptoms of the common cold, these are just a few things health officials say you want to pay attention to in your newborn.

  • Nasal flow
  • thousand
  • whistle
  • may or may not have a fever
  • Decreased appetite or poor eating habits (which can cause dehydration)


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