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As soon as she gave birth to her first child, Halsi delighted the fans with a sweet surprise – their first sight from her son’s kindergarten.

The: New America The singer shared photos of her baby’s colorful room, the wall of which was covered with an artistic, colorful “Ender” named after the baby. It was surrounded by works of art in various shades, including a neon rainbow.

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Another photo showed a rainbow flag tucked away in a vase and a rainbow blanket covered with a velvet sofa. Nearby, a toad sat on a carpet of flowers, and there was a door in the room that led to the courtyard.

halsey- kindergarten

Fans rallied over Halsi Rainbow Kindergarten

In other moments of the post, Halsey’s partner Al-Aydin became close with their baby in a tie shirt that matched his clothes, and the singer showed off her stretch marks in another, such as her “Baby” tattoo.

“Well … that’s what it looks like,” he wrote in the post.

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Fans ran to Halsi’s comments to share their thoughts, one of which wrote: “The chair with mushrooms”. Another fan answered. “This room is so expensive,” and the fourth, “This is beautiful.” “My 3-month-old daughter has a rainbow-themed kindergarten. I need to know where that moonlight comes from.”


The nursery was filled with a toad: sunflower rug

– Honestly, PURPOSE? “Haha,” said Hals.

Others praised Halsey for the positive photo on her body. “Put on the tiger stripes, proud mother.” “Love to see it.”

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The singer announced in her Instagram post last month that she welcomed her firstborn, Ender Ridley Aydin, with screenwriter Al-Aydin.

“Gratitude. The most “rare” յ euphoric birth. “By the power of love,” he wrote.

Halsin, screenwriter Al Aydin, greeted their son on July 14

The news about the baby became known less than two weeks after the announcement of Halsey’s upcoming album, If I can not have love, I want powerև called it a “concept album about the horrors of pregnancy և the joys of childbirth» “.

“The image of this cover marks the pregnant and postpartum bodies as something beautiful and admirable,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “We have a long way to go to eradicate the social stigma around the bodies and to breastfeed. I hope this can be a step in the right direction. “

The album is set to be released on August 27.

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