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A pro-life protester raises the ridiculous human fruit as groups chant in front of the US Supreme Court on a hill on the Washington Capitol on March 4, 2020. (Tom Brenner / Reuters)

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have received at least $ 2.7 million in federal funding for fetal examination, trying to take half of their samples from aborted minority children.

The National Institutes of Health oversees fetal tissue testing at the University of Pittsburgh from 2015 onwards, with fetuses ranging from six to 42 weeks or two weeks, which is widely considered full-time.

According to the study, the grant application stated that half of the samples must be obtained from aborted minority fetuses, including at least 25 percent of African-American women, according to documents obtained by the Center for Forensic Medicine.

“Programs funded by the National Institutes of Health should ensure that women’s minorities are adequately included,” David Seldin, the university’s deputy director of news, told Fox News on Thursday. “They must also ensure that the distribution of the study reflects the population needed to achieve the scientific objectives of the study.”

Seldin said that “one of the goals is to support researchers looking for a cure for kidney disease,” which has a disproportionate impact on minorities. Seldin added that the researchers “have no say in the timing, method or procedures of abortion.”

CMP Founding և President David Daleiden criticized the university in a statement on Tuesday.

“The NIH grant application for one of Pete’s many experiments with many newborns reads as an episode in American horror history,” Daleyden said. “Law enforcement agencies և government officials must act immediately to bring the next Kermit Gosnel to justice in accordance with the law.”

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