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As many offices meet employees in the next few months, employers and employees are wondering what their new job will be like and how smooth the transition will be. Working from home has been challenging over the past year, but he has offered many more time to spend with their pets.

In a recent 2021 survey, 3 out of 4 pet owners (76%) said they were happier working at home with their pets. A poll conducted on behalf of Purina found that 73% of home pet owners currently worried about how their pets will react to their absence when they return to the office.

One way to overcome the potential anxiety of separating both pets and pet owners is to develop a comfortable workplace for pets. A pet-friendly office can help smooth out this new transition, attract staff և help recruit և retain the best talent. During the survey, 72% of pet owners working from home stated that they would accept a job offer from a pet-friendly employer to a non-pet-friendly employer, assuming that the salary and other benefits are equal. And almost half of the pet owners (48%) whose company does not currently have a pet-friendly office thought that if they did, their morale would improve.

How can pets improve the workplace?

Studies have shown that employees who bring their pets to work experience less stress at the end of the day, and having pets with us can help lower blood pressure, lower loneliness, lower cholesterol, and encourage physical activity outdoors. : walks to break the time sitting at his desk.

Pets can have a beneficial effect on facilitating social interaction between employees who seek to easily re-establish face-to-face contact with partners. In fact, 72% of C-suite leaders said they thought the pet policy would either lead to or already lead to positive workplace interactions.

How do employers feel about a pet-friendly workplace?

Attitudes toward pet-friendly offices are changing, with many managers seeing the benefits of creating a work environment that is more dedicated to employee happiness and well-being. During the survey, 65% of C-suite executives, whose office did not have a pet-friendly policy, said management would consider adoption if 50% or more of their staff were in favor. And while some may worry about pets as a distraction, 56% of C-suite executives say a pet-friendly policy will or will not lead to increased productivity in the workplace.

“As a champion of pet-friendly jobs and an employer of pets for more than 20 years, Purina knows that such a policy could lead to a marked increase in employee satisfaction, adding a new dimension to the associated experience,” said Nina Lei Krueger. , General Director և President: Purina. “Now is the time to think seriously about the role that pets have played and will play in the lives of their employees. “Introducing these pets to the workplace creates a cultural shift that brings people together, offers stress relief, entertainment, and increases productivity while helping the pets who have helped us adjust to their post-pandemic reality.”

Do you want to provide a suitable workplace for pets?

For employees:

Are you an employee who is interested in helping your office become a pet friend? Visit for resources և suggestions on how you can raise the issue with your employer. The toolkit includes information on how pets reduce stress in the workplace և other benefits as well as information on pet etiquette in your work environment.

For employers

Business owners and executives can learn more about for steps to adapt your workplace to pets. It provides information on how to ask your employees about the topic, documents that may be needed, and ways to get your employees involved in the process.


For many, pets are a huge part of their lives. Companies that encourage pets in the workplace show that they are committed to creating healthy work-life balances as we adapt to new realities, continue to improve our work-cooperation relationships.

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