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In a recent Fox News article, sociologist Andrea Laurent-Simpson wrote about the emergence of “diverse families”, explaining that “in families without children … dogs and cats soak their paws to” raise “future grandmothers” willingly “. “Go ahead and spoil the grandchild, because their daughters and sons prefer to have a lucrative career.” But this is neither good nor new.

The ancient historian Plutarch began the life of Pericles with an anecdote about Caesar, who, seeing “wealthy foreigners in Rome, carried young monkeys in their bosoms.” “If women do not have children in their own country …” Plutarch considered this a “government” rebuke “to those who waste animals on the tendency to love and affection, which is by nature ours, which is only due to our friends.”

Another old text tells us that there is nothing new under the earth. Of course, there is no news that pets are being replaced by children, although this seems to be more common, a tendency that humiliates and deforms our pets, literally in some cases. Dog breeding, for example, has given birth to breeds that have difficulty breathing or need regular breeding. If these people love dogs, then it is selfish և consumer love.

Dogs are good beasts, but still beasts

Of course, we must love our pets. But this love should be directed to them as animals, not just as amusements or substitutes for children. I love my dogs, I try to take good care of them. They were raised as lovable, fun, friendly. And they have a place in family life. Training Dogs and children are great for each other when it comes to control. My daughter really, really loves our dogs. It is noteworthy that neither he nor the dogs are confused about who the person is. It takes an adult for that kind of unconditional love.

Pets can be valuable companions for single and childless children, but it is perverted to make this palliative measure a preference by deliberately rejecting children in favor of a pet. Dogs are capable of giving and receiving heat, but there is a time when the personalities their enthusiastic owners attribute to anthropomorphic predictions. In such cases, pets are treated like live puppets, the archives of their owners’ interpersonal needs and longings. Replacing animals with humans thereby stifles man’s ability to give and receive love, as it wrongly corrects our earthly greatest self.

The proliferation of “mothers of dogs”, “furry babies”, “grandmothers” shows American self-love և cultural decline. Marriage և fertility rates are declining as people abandon the basic biological imperative of couples having children. Filling in the blanks with dogs is an understandable answer.

But we need other people. We are flawed in many ways, we are not fully human on our own. As Aristotle long ago pointed out, man is a social animal, մարդը the man who can live without others must be either a beast or a god. People who do not need people are not really people.

A Christian may add that in exceptional circumstances or titles, a few people may need to rely entirely on the companionship of animals և the person of God, but there is no good reason to deliberately turn to beasts instead of individuals.

The human condition requires new people

Trying to turn animals into substitute children, the game fails. It’s a very old trick to have a cake and eat it. This replacement is an attempt to satisfy the human desire to love and nurture new people, to be loved by them in turn, without the risk of having work, responsibility or having children. But there is no substitute for man, և even the best pets are only a shadow of a copy of the reality of the human family.

The difference is in the depth. Adults and sages have pleasures, as well as pains, of which children and fools know nothing. Arent care requires much more self-sacrifice than having a pet, but it does provide a fuller, more meaningful life. The best dog in the world is nothing compared to the birth of a new person through the loving union of mother and father, who are united for life, dedicated to the care of their children.

But for many, this seems increasingly impossible. It is easy to correct (deserving) harassment of the apostate family without a children, but it does little to help those who feel that a stable marriage and children are out of reach. So we have to work culturally and politically to make it easier for people to start and maintain a family, and those who are single will still be busy with family life. If we do not do this, we may find that our nation is literally going after dogs.

Nathaniel Blake is a Senior Investor at The Federalist, a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Public Policy, Ethics.

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