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The photo, provided to Melina Matics, had several accompanying animals as 4-H designs.

She started out as a guinea pig, but after nearly 30 projects, 17-year-old Melina Matiks is still happy to take her job to an Ohio State Fair.

This year he is involved in five projects, including cake design, room renovation, health և safety, communication վի cat project.

“You can take as many projects as you want until they are completed.” he said.

His extension agent Bruce Zimmer said Matics had found his spark with a wide range of special interest projects.

“(He) has won a number of awards at the Ohio State Fair.” he said. “He even finds time to serve on the Ohio 4th Adolescent Leadership Board to help with state fair events and animal shows.”

Melina Matiks has been demonstrating her cake decorating skills for six years.

Chickens are a new project for him this year.

“This was not my thought” said his mother, Sloan.

Matiks said he always wanted to take the market animal to the fair.

“I wanted to take a market goat or a market lamb. “My mother said I could not because she was too attached.” he said.

He said he was serving on the junior board, helping with the weigh-in, so Zim Imer suggested he buy a market chicken.

Melina Matiks keeps one of the market chickens she will be showing at this year’s fair.

“He said that, my mother, and then my father let me buy market chickens.” Matika said.

“I hope I do not bond with these chickens.” Sloan said. “We just got them two or three weeks ago and then ended up at the fair with them. There is a short period. I keep saying that they are really ugly. “

Matics has a big leash he took to the state fair about his cat design. He completed his first year cat project two years ago and appeared in a state exhibition. He is doing a cat project this year.

“There are different sections (of the book) that focus on showing cats. “Sometimes it shows how to train them տարբեր different health conditions.” he explained. “When I do my projects, I focus on one of these pages on my display board.”

This year, his scoreboard was on kidney disease because one of his cats had acute kidney failure.

Melina Matiks won the 2018 Watch Cup for her companion animal project.

“He almost didn’t make it, my other cat started showing the same symptoms.” he said. “This is something that hit home, I had a lot of information about it, so I decided to focus my topic on it.”

Matika has been taking cake decorating projects to the fair for six years. His mother inspired him to want to learn a trade.

“My mom made cakes from my age, I guess she thought it would be good for me, I didn’t know much about it.” he said. “I thought I would try.”

This year Zim im asked her to run a cake-making clinic.

“I took the opportunity. It was really fun to just see that when I taught them different skills, it was fun to see that they could do the same.” he said. She recently got a chance to decorate a wedding cake for one of her 4-H consultants.

Melina Matics is working on a 4-H project.

This week she got the best of the day for her bedroom design project. He said that he did everything from painting his walls and ceiling to sewing, to sanding and painting wooden floors.

“I went to Laws a lot to find the colors I liked. I did all the painting. All preparation և preparation » he explained. “I made my ceiling like my walls. I learned to use a spackle. I have not done much before this project. “

To fit the furniture, he made paper patterns for the furniture. He painted his bookcase, desk and chest.

He said that his chair was his grandmother’s, he took the seat cushion with the same fabric as the curtains.

“I did not find (curtains) that I liked, because I used to do sewing and carpet projects, so I decided to make my own curtains.” he said.

Melina Matics shows the billboard of her project on cat kidney disease.

He said it took more than a year to complete the project. Sloan said COVID slowed things down because they had not been able to shop for months.

“It is a beautiful room” Sloan said

Zim imer said he has Matics “He excelled in his leadership և communication skills as a result of his 4 hours of project work, community service, volunteering, and state involvement.”

She said she serves as a member of the Washington County Junior Fair Board, a Carteen volunteer և 4-hour camp counselor “It all helps build his knowledge and the spirit of community involvement.”

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At a glance

¯ Name: Melina Matix

՝ Age: 17

Պրոց School. Upcoming High School Christian School in Wood County.

Ագծ Projects. Companion animals-cats, cake making, communication, room making և health և safety.

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