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By: Goytsemang Tlhabye Time of publication of the article 2 hours ago

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Pretoria – Child Welfare Tshwane has urged stuck mothers to work with their organization instead of abandoning their children.

Four newborns have been found abandoned in Tsuanhe this month.

The non-profit organization Child Protection reported that the adoption department received a phone call on Monday morning about the discovery of a newborn girl. The child was found wrapped in a blanket in one of the streets of Pretoria West.

According to the organization, he was taken to hospital, apparently feeling well in “circumstances”.

After the inspection, the child will remain in the care of the organization until alternative arrangements are reached.

Nina de Cayers, head of the organization’s adoption department, said they had seen an increase in the number of abandoned children in the Tshwane district.

De Caires said June was relatively calm. However, this month a baby girl from Aterjville was found in a bucket while the boy was abandoned at the gates of the Jubilee Regional Hospital in Temba, Hammanskrail.

The fourth child, a newborn girl, was found abandoned in Sochangué and taken to the George George Mukhari Academic Hospital for evaluation.

De Kayers expressed concern that although their organization is available, registered to accept children who are unwanted or unable to care for them, many children are still neglected.

“We know there is a stigma in society, especially if you want to give a child, but we are there to support mothers, because every child is special.

“Moreover, simply leaving a child with such a rude egg as leaving him on the street is a criminal offense; parents can be prosecuted if found through an investigation.”

De Kayers, who has worked with the organization for 14 years, said they believe the Covid-19 epidemic has affected the number of abandoned children.

“Many people have suffered financially from this epidemic, especially the poorest of the poor. “Everyone is really depressed. These new mothers were probably scared, but we want them to know that they are not alone in this.”

He said that the organization not only accepts children, but also with the help of social workers, provides free counseling for needy mothers, and even helps with family adoption.

In the event that a child is admitted for adoption, De Kayers says the institution meets the necessary legal requirements.

It even had families who had already been researched և more than eagerly seeking a brighter future for unwanted children.

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