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As I write this, as I approach my first Father’s Day, I can not remember what time it was before my son came. Everything changed immediately, շարունակում it continues to do so on an hourly basis. He wakes up crying, sits down and eats, well, everything else.

The same can be said about starting a business. On January 1, 2020, I opened an agency. At first it was just me, but 18 months later we are a team of 12 people. Time is fast felt on all fronts. Despite dealing with dirty napkins, instead of a feeding schedule, he pursues late payments, tries to move our e-mail. from one server to another (hint: not working well).

Having been in PR for over a decade, I did not expect it to be clear, but I only knew how much I did not really know until it happened. As soon as you become a runner, there is a lot of workload to learn աշխատանքի you rely on your instincts to make the right decisions.

In both worlds, I quickly (‘s often in tears) learned the hard way that everything has to be communicated too much. From coordinating bottle cleaning and sterilization responsibilities with my wife to working with dozens of PRs working with clients from five bedrooms across the UK, from kitchen tables to five-hour zones.

Even as professional communicators, we had to teach ourselves the best ways to work remotely, now working both in the office and outside.

With anything new and exciting, I tend to throw everything at it. But that does not always work. There are many better PRs than me. There are people who can make my baby fall asleep much faster than I do. So over the past year, I have come to realize that my skills are not suitable for every task, that alignment with teammates (both in the office and at home) has become crucial to success.

Trust has been there for most of the last 18 months. Trusting new people with zero history, whether they are a customer, a worker or my newborn, has to be essential to our future.

I learned that it is normal to hire experts, whether you are a freelance journalist or a sleep consultant. These people know what the right voices are for influence, so trust them.

As with any relatively new relationship, we all need to work harder to show them that we will do our best. There will be shocks, sleepless nights, lots of things thrown on the floor, and sometimes you will ask why you are even trying. But it all fades into insignificance when they smile at you.

Happy Fathers Day.

Nick Brown is the founder of Words + Pixels

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