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Updated: August 20, 2021, 16:31:33

When Kwek Yu Xuan was born at Singapore National University Hospital in June 2020, he weighed about 212 grams, which is lighter than two packets of Lay potato chips (230 grams for both). To see the situation, the average weight of newborns at birth is 3.5 kg.

At the time of Uan’s arrival, Xuan was 24 cm long, which is the length of two six-inch rulers. However, 13 months later he was discharged from the hospital and now weighs about 6.3 kg.

Before Juan, the world’s smallest surviving baby was Saib, born in 2019 at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Infants in San Diego, California. In May 2019, the hospital announced that Saib was the youngest child in the world to ever survive. The baby was born at only 245 grams, which is the weight of a big apple.

Sayby weighed Saibi by 7 grams less than a baby born in Germany in 2015, who was the youngest child at birth.

At the time of Say Say, the length of the Saibi was only 9 inches, which is about the length of a row of four Marie cookies. However, at the time of writing Saibi, he weighed 2.54 kg և 16 inches long.

Who are the smallest living children in the world?

The University of Iowa maintains the Youngest Children Register, which lists the world’s smallest surviving infants. This is important because the survival of children weighing less than 400 grams is not very common. The purpose of the register is to collect data on the long-term health, growth and development of this group of vulnerable infants.

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“The survival of these young children demonstrates the well-known fact that gestational age is more important than birth weight in determining the prognosis of a premature baby,” the journal said.

The unique thing about the 10 smallest surviving babies in the world is that they were all born before the average gestational age of 40 weeks.

low birth weight

What are the risks if babies are born underweight?

Published in “The Future of Children” magazine in 1995. The review notes that while advances in medical technology have increased the likelihood of very low birth weight babies surviving, “serious questions remain about how these babies will develop and whether they will have a normal, productive life.”

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Babies born before 37 weeks of gestation are known to be premature or premature babies. In general, the sooner a baby is born at an average gestational age of 40 weeks, the greater the risk of death or serious disability, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

For example, in 2018, premature low birth weight accounted for about 17 percent of infant mortality. Even children who survive tend to have problems with breathing, digestion, and bleeding. They can also cause long-term problems, including developmental delays and poor school performance, according to the CDC.


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