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PERTUBUHAN Kebajikan Shafar Johor Baru (PKSJB) has set up a baby food bank that will specifically cater to the needs of children under the age of five.

Its chairman, Fauzia Sheikh Omar, said it started after it was taken into account that there were no food banks in Johor Baru that could offer baby-related items.

“While there are many NGOs that provide supplies to those in need during the Covid-19 epidemic, these items did not include baby items,” he said.

“We just opened the baby food bank on July 25.

“For now, we provide baby formula, baby disposable diapers,” Fauzia said.

On that day, the milk mixture and trays, worth about 8,000 rubles, were handed over to about 100 eligible recipients in Kita Kongi, Plaza Larkin, Johor Baru.

Fauzia said the money to buy the items came in part from donors and in part from the organization’s own funds.

He said that in order to be eligible for items, parents or guardians must show them MyKid for record purposes.

“At the moment we distribute every two weeks as we face financial constraints,” Fauzia said.

PKSJB plans to have a baby food bank every Sunday if there are enough funds to bypass it.

Fauzia hopes that companies and philanthropists will come and donate baby-related items such as baby shampoo, lotion, shower gel or cash.

“We are ready to pay for these products if the companies that produce these products can think about discounts or wholesale prices,” he said.

Fawzia believes that the Covid-19 epidemic should not hinder the growth of infants, especially those in group B40.

He added that the number of people receiving basic necessities at Kita Kongsi has increased significantly since the launch of the traffic control order on June 1.

“We now get about 60-100 people coming here every Friday for an average of 30 to the first two MCCs,” Fauzia said.

Kita Kongsi started in November 2019, providing basic necessities to the extremely poor, with a monthly household income of more than 1,000 rubles.

The food basket contains 5 kg of rice, sugar, flour, cooking oil and condensed milk.

Recipients can choose from display items on arched shelves, such as disposable adult pads, instant noodles, cookies or baby milk formula.

Fauzia is assisted by her two sons, Mohd Sharif Silvano and Mohd Faiz Silvano.

In December 2017, the PKSJB received a 15,000-ruble contribution from the Star Foundation to the management of Ruma Anak-Anak Yatim Shafar.

The orphanage for seven to 12-year-old girls in Yalan Limau, Kampung Pasir, Tampo, or Ohor Baru was established in 2015.

Interested donors can contact 07-2214001, 012-777 2747 (Mohd Faiz Silvano), 017-777 2510 (Mohd Sharif Silvano) or e-mail: Email



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