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There will be no elective cesarean section; some clinic appointments will have to be delayed when hospital midwives go on strike next week in Canterbury on the West Coast.

Hospital midwives across the country are set to go on an eight-hour strike early next week. They demand a salary increase of $ 800 per midwife per year.

The collective bargaining agreement of the midwifery employers expired on January 31, but the negotiations have so far failed.

The district health councils are implementing emergency plans for an eight-hour strike in Canterbury on Tuesday and Wednesday in Canterbury.

* Hospital midwives will go on strike across the country next week
* Success in the West Coast maternity ward
* The nurses’ strike will continue as the latest proposal of the Health Council was rejected

Obstetricians և Consulting Service (Meras) union members will join the picket line on those days from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The union members include many of the midwives working in DHB. Lead industry caregivers (LMCs) will not participate in the strike.

Dr. Peter Bremley, CEO of West Coast և Canterbury DHBs, said the safety of women and children was a priority.

DHBs agreed with the union to ensure that patients received safe and appropriate care during the strike.

The care of women and children will continue next week due to the midwives' strike.

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The care of women and children will continue next week due to the midwives’ strike.

“Our unscheduled programs will reduce the demand for staff in those days, while ensuring that we continue to provide safe care and support for women giving birth or recovering from unemployment.”

Selective cesarean sections were not planned during the strike. Bremlin said.

“We encourage women who are expecting a childbirth or will be on strike at Christchurch Women’s Hospital to speak to their LMC for confidence that, unless otherwise advised, they should stick to their birth plan.”

Meras spokeswoman Caroline Conroe said very few midwives would be able to leave their jobs due to the need to maintain life support services.

He said 95 percent of midwives would be required to provide life-saving services during the strike.

DHBs contacted all women who were likely to suffer a strike as a result of a delay in making appointments at any clinic.

“We apologize in advance for any disruptions, any concerns that this industrial operation may cause, while respecting the right of people to strike, the important role that these key personnel play in our health care system,” Bremlin said.

People should seek urgent medical care, as usual, other non-maternal acute care services will remain available during scheduled strikes.

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