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The Tranqulity tree was planted by Amelia Gordon's owner.
The Tranqulity tree was planted by Amelia Gordon’s owner.

The mother of three Alnes, whose daughter was stillborn, engraved her baby’s name on a special tree on the plateau.
Inverness Botanic Garden has recently added more “owners” for the first time since the outbreak, remembering lost loved ones.

It is organized by the charitable SiMBA (Simpson’s Memory Box Appeal), which provides memorial boxes, family rooms, groups, and events to honor children who have died, died, or had an abortion.

In Scotland և Yorkshire there are dozens of tranquil trees, all of which are unique to SiMBA.

The objects are hand-made, life-size sculptures made of copper, where each tree owner represents a dead child.

The tree of tranquility.
The tree of tranquility.

Charlie Gordon, who lost his baby Amelia Lily Gordon to partner James Ames Gordon on June 27, is a mother waiting to see her daughter’s owner on the Inverness Tree of Peace.

Ms. Gordon has been involved in fundraising to support other parents who, like a couple, lose a child at birth.

He said.

“I think losing a child can be very isolating, so having a tree named after our daughter means that it is always accepted that she is here in this world for a short time.

“The bear symbolizes for me the great beauty of our precious children too soon.”

The speaker of SiMBA said. “For a long time now we have been able to attach masters to one of our Rest Trees. We know how important it is for a family to attach their masters to the tree they have.

Charlie Wass from Alness with baby blankets he made ... Photo by Gary Anthony ..
Charlie Wass from Alness with baby blankets he made … Photo by Gary Anthony ..

“So with the lifting of restrictions, we can travel more freely, we decided to fortify some expensive landlords.”

“Last week we sent a letter to everyone who was posted to the masters or masters, thank you for the pleasant response to the letters.

“It was very clear from this trip, because we are helping children who have recently lost a child, as well as families who lost a child many years ago.

“We had owners to fortify for decades, this was one of the goals of our trees. Newborn family tree, no matter how small, how recently or long ago the child died, providing a beautiful place to honor all the children, a peaceful place for families to visit.

For more information on recreation trees or to ask the owner, visit…/trees-of-tranquillity/

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