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Morgantown, W. V. – Since the beginning of the epidemic, a new normality has begun for almost everyone in the world. The same is true of how we bring new life into the world.

Ruby Memorial Hospital is one of the healthcare providers that has moved more to telecommunications to see their patients to limit the effects of COVID-19.

“It was really great for women, so they don’t have to drive for an hour or two to come to the meeting if everything is stable,” said Dr. Annie Boyle, director of obstetrics, occupational and obstetric services.

Dr. Boyle explained that ultrasound or blood pressure tests could not be performed by telecommunications. Boyle became pregnant when he tried to deal with pregnant women with COVID.

“You put all the stress of getting pregnant, and then you add to it a disease: getting to a potential hospital, staying in the ICU. “Some women did great, but others did not,” said Dr. Boyle.

One of the biggest obstacles she experienced was deciding to get the COVID vaccine during pregnancy. Boyle received his first vaccine at 27 weeks’ gestation, when they had only limited data on COVID vaccines և pregnancy.

“I was weighing this against the well-known risk of Covid, especially in pregnant women who are more likely to get sick, more likely to be in the ICU, more likely to need an air conditioner, more likely to die,” said Dr. Boyle.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said. “Although the overall risk of serious illness is low, pregnant and recently pregnant women are at greater risk for COVID-19 than for non-pregnant women.”

Boyle said getting the vaccine is everyone’s choice, but you should get the vaccine in advance if you are thinking about getting pregnant.

Since the epidemic, the maternity ward has allowed only one visitor with the mother, sometimes with exceptions.

“If there is a child, we think it will not be possible to have as many family members as we can meet the child. If there is someone under the age of 18 who needs a guardian, they can have their guardian, the father. the baby, too, ”said Dr. Boyle.

Fortunately, despite the epidemic, most women in the mountainous state are still leaning towards a hospital birth rather than a home birth.

Dr. Boyle said that everything in the labor and maternity wards is slowly returning to normal.


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