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Federalist publisher Ben Domenech explained that children, and the families that raise them, are the foundation of our communities, making our country great during Fox News’ “Prime Time” on Wednesday.

Domenech began by noting that ““Today’s awakened left hates many, many things: the Constitution, Donald Trump, Fox News, comedy, and, of course, you.” Domenech continued. “There is something that woke up the socialist progressives, it seems that they hate more,” before answering. “These are babies.”

Domenech condemned “The industrial murder of 60 million unborn children, “he said.” The left simply does not solve its problems for American children. It seems to them that their problem is that there are American children at all. ”

“Radical environmentalists view children as enemies of the climate. Corporate elites view newborns as valuable competitors to the time, attention, and creativity of professional women who seem to think that they’s the only thing that belongs to them. “The critical theory of race with men suggests that children become racist at the age of three months,” Domenech said. “Radical feminists have built their entire brand to prioritize family life, to embarrass happy mothers as sold to patriarchy.”

“Progressives hate newborns because they cry, murmur, defile the denial of what the left has awakened,” Domenech continued. “Boys և girls are the answer to every leftist argument, the antidote to their poisonous lies.” For example, he said: “Parents find it difficult to learn that sex is not a social structure. “Social constructions do not bathe you when you bathe them.”

“Children have many virtues; they are much more than ‘helpless cowardly victims, as the left says,’ and so are we,” Domenech said. “This is the real problem of the left with children.”

Children form a family. Boys turn into men. Couples become parents, and women become “the archangels we call mothers.” “Just as the founders imagined, America is a place where every child, no matter where they started,”has infinite potential և divine spark.»

Children are also crucial to building communities. “The more we pay attention to our families, the more time we spend with other families in games, small league games, church picnics, school performances. Children not only turn individuals into families, they also take families into communities. ”

“Left is an ideology of fear, resentment, and helplessness,” Domenech continued, explaining why leftism is so hostile to families. “Every year on Mother’s Day, the media is filled with articles by childless writers defending their childlessness. … “Father’s day, fathers have long been treated in this way as a subject of correction: mockery. “These sad people are complaining too much, they are not convincing anyone.”

“Children love America, they inspire us to make them even more worthy of their love. Predators teach their children how to be good. Children teach their parents how to be wonderful. “Together they make America,” Domenech concluded. “This is not what you have to do. This is what you need to do. ”

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