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According to court documents, the child died of intrauterine pneumonia.

BONNER COUNTY, Idaho – W GOSHAOM. This article contains graphic details about the death of a child.

The Bonner County midwife was charged with premeditated manslaughter when her home-grown child ended in tragedy.

Denise Midstokke owns Pend Oreille Midwifery Services in St. Pot, Idaho. He was responsible for the care of the woman during pregnancy and childbirth. On January 26, she gave birth to a baby who died hours later from intrauterine pneumonia, according to court documents.

Midstock, 64, was released on $ 50,000 bail on charges of premeditated murder and destruction of evidence, according to KREM 2 news partner Bonner County Daily Bee. If convicted, he could face up to life in prison and a fine of up to $ 50,000. Following his release, Midstocke was forced to hand over his passport, stop obstetric services until further notice to the court.

On June 2, Magistrate Judge Tara Harden found a possible cause for the allegations against Middstock, but a preliminary hearing is yet to take place. On August 4, Midstocken waived his right to a speedy trial.

On August 4, five witnesses were called to testify as witnesses. According to the court records, Middstockey’s defense asked to continue the case, noting that they were considering mediation. The mediation process is when the mediator, usually the judge, comes to an out-of-court settlement with both parties.

In a 2012 article in the Daily Bee, Midstock said that in 2011 she gave birth to 60 children.

Sally Aiken, a doctor at the Spokane County Medical Examiner, performed an autopsy on January 29 and testified that she had found that the baby’s lung infection was “unable to absorb oxygen,” according to court documents.

Aiken says the placement of Foley catheters could cause an infection that killed the baby. Dr. Aiken added that he felt that death could not be saved and that it was impossible to resuscitate him because of his lung condition.

It turned out that the posts made by the other midwife, Christa Hayes, on January 15 և 16 were not included in the Midstockke laboratory report, և Several posts by Hayes were changed or deleted.

According to court documents, Midstokke tried to give birth on January 15 by inserting an inflatable catheter, which is considered outside of obstetrics. At that time, the mother was 37 weeks և 4 days pregnant. The catheters came out that night, and the mother went to Midstokke Maternity Hospital on the morning of January 16 to get tested for catheters.

Midstockke reportedly visited his mother later in the evening, removed the catheters on his couch at home to allow her to urinate, and later performed a vaginal examination on a non-sterile couch.

Middstock did not see his mother again until January 26, when her water broke in the shower at 7 p.m. Around 30. Feeling feverish, knowing that she had a fever of 100.5 degrees, the mother called her husband and informed him that he had a fever.

Midstokke reportedly arrived home around 9 p.m. With another midwife on the 30th և did not check her mother’s blood pressure or temperature. 100.4 or higher

The baby was delivered at 22 in the evening. At 53, he never breathed on his own, the documents say. The two midwives tried to breathe the baby 23 23 in the evening. Around 12, the child’s father called an ambulance. According to the documents, Middstock assured the baby’s father that the baby had “a good heart rate and a good level of oxygen.” Then, according to court documents, he called 911 at 11 p.m. On the 15th.

At around 1 a.m., the baby’s father informed Midstoke by phone from the hospital that the baby had died.

The autopsy was then performed on January 29.

The Forensic Tribunal is a hereditary body that is called upon to assist in the forensic examination to determine the identity of the deceased պատճառը the cause of death.

After swearing an oath for a day and a half, the courts found that the egg of death was accidental, but Middstock acted negligently. They said that the negligence was conditioned.

  • There is no informed consent for care
  • Occurrence before 39 weeks
  • Performing non-marked medical intervention without talking about risks
  • Failure to adequately record entries
  • False records
  • Failure of equipment ճիշտ correct determination of health conditions
  • Failure to provide resuscitation assistance

In Midstockey’s testimony, she said she has been a midwife for 35 years, has been licensed for 10 years, and has been involved in nearly 1,500 births. Midstocken said his team decided to place the catheters in the mother և, except for some inconvenience, it was successful.

After the second catheter was inserted, Midstocken said there was more pain and difficulty removing the wand used to insert the device, the documents said. He later found out that his mother did not respond well to the catheters. Midstocken said his mother was fine after that, but his mother disputed that.

Asked how long it took for the catheters to be inserted in 10 days, he said he was not aware of any danger and did not see anything to worry about during those 10 days.

During the Mid delivery, Midstokke said the baby came out with a shrug and had a palpitation. Then Midstocken said that he saw that the child was bleeding from the nose, he did not know what it meant.

Middstock then said that he really called 911 if necessary.

According to the notice, Midstokke underwent an administrative investigation into the standard of care in this case, he refused to surrender his license to practice obstetrics.

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