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Did DaniLeigh confirm DaBababy as the father of her unborn child? Some people think so after the recording artist shared his post on social media, which may have mentioned the rapper as the father of his child.

DaniLeigh posted a series of photos that allowed her fans to update their expectations. “DaBiggest,” the pregnant star wrote in her Instagram post. “It’s not the title,” one fan said after seeing DaniLeigh’s update. “We saw what you did there,” said another social media follower.

Speculation about the father of Danili’s baby has skyrocketed with DaBaby as Danny announced his expectations a few weeks ago. Danny Lee confirmed her pregnancy to many who suspected she was pregnant weeks before her actual announcement. Some who were right about the pregnancy also rushed to consider DaBaby as the father of Danili’s baby.

“DaniLi is definitely pregnant with DaBaby,” one fan wrote on Twitter after learning about Danili’s expectations. Several other social media users agree with one, even noting “how big his clash has become.”

DaniLeigh and DaBaby have been dating for several months before ending earlier this year. Danny said on Instagram that he was “officially alone” in February, which caused a storm of rumors about fidelity in the relationship, etc.

DaniLi was probably pregnant when she announced the end of her relationship with DaBaby. However, the celebrity decided to keep the news secret until last month, when she shared photos from the shooting of her last motherhood.

Since then, Danny Lay has shared some of his flatteries that show off his bead. Recently, a series of photos on Instagram was from a family walk, where Danny was surrounded by “love” and gifts.

“This is the first time my whole family has gathered like this,” Danili revealed in the caption of his Instagram post. “A little blessing there,” the celebrity added. “Thank you for the gifts, the advice, the love, the support,” Danny wrote to his family. “I love you all.”

DaniLeigh has not yet officially confirmed DaBaby as the father of her child. The recorder expects his baby to arrive in the coming weeks.

Photo by DaniLeigh / Instagram

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