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Despite my lack of sleep and constant sadness, I still vividly remember a moment when my firstborn was at home for the first few days. My mother was going to help in town, my husband was on paternity leave, and the baby was sleeping soundly. However, I still could not get so far away from my son that I needed much sleep during the day. As a new parent, the love I felt for my son was to be expected, but the anxiety was not. The moment I tried to close my eyes, I felt a pull to stand back and check on his well-being.

It was. Consumer:. And, frankly, it did us no favors. That’s why I had to laugh every time I heard the advice to “sleep when the baby is asleep.” It was not so simple for me. In order for the baby to have a good rest while sleeping, I had to make sure that he was feeling well. While a children’s video monitor at the time could give an idea of ​​the child I dreamed of, it was still an incomplete picture of what he was actually doing. (Not to mention that sleeping with one eye open was not very effective.)

That’s why my whole parenting experience changed for the better when I got the Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo to have my second child on time. As the first combination of smart baby monitors that transcend video streams, the Duo allowed me to track baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep patterns without checking in or out of the room to check on the baby. . With the peace of mind that the baby was asleep, I was finally able to rest in a better quality. (AKA, the best gift for any new parent).

The Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo is truly in the league as the best baby monitor for many reasons. Let’s demolish it …

You fully understand your child’s well-being.

As a new parent with traditional video surveillance, I did not know what I was missing. When I picked up the Owlet Smart Sock, I opened my eyes to see how much better the monitoring experience would be. Working together, I offered not only a look at how my baby was, but also readings that would show what was going on in their precious little body I had. full: picture:

The easy-to-use monitor app also displays baby’s videos և real-time heart rate readings և oxygen levels և you can even track your baby’s room temperature with the camera indicator. Everything is much better than risking hiding in a room to check how they are.

You can help your child establish healthy sleeping habits.

This function is at a serious level. Owlet Smart Sock lets you track your baby’s sleep patterns, including total sleep hours, number of awakenings, sleep quality, and more. All of this is an invaluable response when you want to help shift your child’s sleep habits in the right direction.


You can sleep with a calmer mind.

For me, the biggest benefit of Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo was the effect it had on relieving my anxiety. Rest assured that I will receive instant notification if needed, so I can relax more.

Even better, Owlet extends that promise to all buyers with a 30-night peace of mind guarantee. This allows you to try to get the Duo back for up to 30 days if you are not satisfied. (Which, frankly, is very unlikely).

The quality of the video controller is indescribable.

With my old video monitor, I had to place it * just * to see my baby, and then I hoped he would not be out at night. With a 130-degree wide’s Owlet Cam և 4x magnification, it’s easy to keep your baby in view. Automatically adjustable HD night vision also makes your baby look better at night than if you were trying to enter a dark room to test yourself.

You receive notifications when your child’s readings go beyond the default zones.

Through Duo you will know the moment when your child needs you. Owlet Base Station և The free app sends instant notifications when your child goes out of “predefined zones” for readings, so you can check them quickly. You can turn on voice և motion notifications when the baby wakes up.

Plus, the Smart Sock connects to the base station via Bluetooth, so you still get notifications even if WI-FI is turned off or your phone is not in your hand.

Data և video streaming is secure.

You want to see your child և picture his or her well-being, but that does not mean it should be accessible to others. All data is secure: encrypted, which means you have complete control over who can stream videos or watch health readings. But do not worry. With your permission ով in a few simple steps, you can share access with a partner or caregiver through the Owlet app.

The duo is approved by the HSA: FSA.

Combining Smart Socks and Camera, you get the best price for both. However, do not be afraid of the price at first glance. With the option of cutting monthly payments or buying HSA / FSA funds for Duo, the price of peace of mind may be less than you realize.

And, hint-hint, Duo creates the perfect child registration supplement. Believe me, if I could go back to when I registered for the goods, this would be the first item on the list.

Take a closer look Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo:– որքան Imagine how much better you և baby can sleep.

This article is sponsored by Owlet. Thanks to Mom աջակց for supporting brands that support moms.


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