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The flock of local birds spent the weekend over the San Antonio-Lacland United Base, the wires around it, the trees, watching the last group of Air Force graduates and their families.

“They all look so sharp in uniform,” said one bird of prey. “It is easy to forget that most of them are so young.”

“I know,” said a younger bird, its comedian. “For many of them, this is the first time they have left the nest.”

“This lesson is possible,” cried the first bird, “because, according to the San Antonio Express-News, it is the first class to end with family members in the stands since 2020.” From March. The base was closed to visitors due to the epidemic. , so the graduation celebrations were over. “Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.”

“Finish?” the other bird suffocated. “Can you imagine your children not attending basic classes for about two months?” For the past year, I have not even allowed my children to see me. I’m not going to lie; The epidemic scared me, always making sure that they have masks, cleansers, the ability to magnify. “

“Well, I’m sure the US government took good care of the graduates who graduated during the epidemic. “I think I read that their number is a little over 35,000, but their parents did not have time to come and see them as graduates,” said the senior mother bird. “You live on this side of town as long as I have, you know how many people come here just because of that. Graduation is a really big job. But for a whole year no proud brothers or sisters bought souvenirs in exchange for mail, no joy t :os: և: greetings No fan hangs around waiting to steal a kiss or get any news about where in the country the Air Force is going to take them back. ”

“I love marriage proposals,” said the younger bird ojos: next to a seasonal song bird perched on a nearby billboard. “Every graduating class has offers. I guess it happens when those kids are in love, they do a good job, right? ”

“They are not children, men are women,” whispered the senior bird. “But I know what you mean. My kids are as big as turkeys, I still remember the day I first pushed them to the nest. More:“I still can not convince that big man that he is not going to hurt her by pulling his wings next to the 1604 ring, but he is my child.”

“¡Oh, my house.” The younger bird creaked as it flew out to watch cars dropping from the base to the parking lots of local restaurants for holiday tacos, burgers, steaks. “For a mother bird, they are always newborns.”

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