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Cecilie Strong և Keegan-Michael Keane on Apple TV +

I am known among my friends for my hatred of classical music theater. While it is rare to find quality, that is when you are someone who specializes in Performance Theater ապես generally loves musicals. My hatred does not come from the style of those shows, but more that they all have problems in them that are inadmissible by modern standards, when we put productions of such things The man of music or: Kiss me Kate In 2021, many are too afraid to change anything about themselves. That’s why I loved it Oklahoma! The revival was so great that they did not change the word, but the whole purpose of the show changed. Now, fast forward to the release Shmigado! : All my dreams come true.

The show, which follows Mel (Cecile Strong) osh osh (Keegan-Michael Key) as they head into the music city of Shmigadun, released its third episode today, with Cecile Strong paying tribute The sound of music in the best possible way. When a young girl named Nancy (who is not married) comes to Dr. Lopez’s office, she tells him that she will not help him because she has a child out of wedlock. Mel goes to check on her, only to find out that the young woman is in love with a sailor named Fred,, his mother does not approve of the marriage because of the sailors’ swearing.

But the song sounds after he asks Mel about where the kids are coming from. Mel tells Nancy that the baby is coming out of her vagina, and Freddie says that even he does not use such “language”. Again, this is it classic music style show. “Let’s see if I can make it easier for you,” says Mel. The sound of music, because this is essentially this song. Cecil Strong simply explains how fertilization և childbirth works in the classical style of music և I’m obsessed with it.

Shmigado! It could easily have been a show that was just funny musical numbers with no real commentary on the world they came from, but it is not. During each episode, Mel says something about the “shows” she “likes” ում pointing out their flaws, և that’s why I love the show. And that’s just Mel. Osh osh points to the racism and sexism of the city, and although he is now on his less emotional path trying to find his only true love that will take him out of Shmigadon, he is still a good person to help Emma. Tate (Ariana Deboza) is renovating her school. (I would love Ariana Debos more, please, thank you).

If you do not watch Shmigado!I highly recommend doing so. It’s terribly funny, it’s musically brilliant, it’s the kind of show where Cecilie Strong shines, I’re looking forward to where the show takes us.

(image: Apple TV +)

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