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MILFORD, Ill. (WCIA) – The epidemic has isolated many of us over the past year. Now that things are back to normal, experts and parents are worried about how isolation has affected children’s development.

“This is unprecedented at every step, so a lot of attention will be paid to this issue,” said clinical cohen, a licensed clinical psychologist.

For a year, people stayed indoors, away from others.

“I think this is the first time we’re going to look at one of these big events in any way, when we’re really focused on five-year-olds trying to understand this kind of bigger context. on themselves. development, ”Cohen said.

Experts and parents are now concerned that children may miss out on important developmental skills.

“When he sees children, he kind of makes fun of each other, as if something is looking at them,” said Kenneth ounce, a father from Milford.

The Ones Ons family welcomed their daughter to the world in February 2020, so most of her life was spent in isolation.

“He just wakes up, sees us, goes to bed, sees us. So he doesn’t really know, he doesn’t know the body, “said Mil Jennifer Jones, a mother from Milford.

They are worried that quarantine could affect their daughter’s upbringing.

“We come to the park and the other children come here, he leaves them. “He’s almost scared, he doesn’t seem to know what it is,” said Kenneth Ones.

I say they do not know how much the epidemic has affected children, it will not be done for several years.

“Their emotional response to these things can have a big impact on how a child affects those things,” Cohen said.

It is worrying for the Ones family that their daughter did not have a normal first year of life.

“At this age, he can not be a typical child,” said Kenneth ones ounce.

“I wish he had more children his age, he could communicate with them. I mean, the complexity that he can not do because of all the things he has to deal with at the core, ”said enn enifer ones ounce.

Recently, the Jones family also had a baby. They hope the epidemic will end soon so that she does not have the same experience as her sister.


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