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TORONTO (AP) – Canadian basketball player Kim Gosher, who is breastfeeding her newborn daughter, has won her quest to bring the baby to the Tokyo Olympics, which she called “the right decision for women in sports”.

The International Olympic Committee announced on Wednesday that nursing mothers are now allowed to bring their babies to Tokyo. The move comes after Gosher sent an emotional request to 3-month-old Sophie via Instagram to go to games with her.

Gocher, 37, from Mission, British Columbia, said the IOC was forcing him to make the difficult choice of missing out on the Olympics or spending 28 days in Tokyo without a daughter.

“We very much welcome the fact that so many mothers are able to continue to compete at the highest level, including at the Olympics,” the IOC said in a statement. “We are very pleased to hear that the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee has found a special solution to the influx of breastfeeding mothers and their young children into Japan.

Gosher said she heard the news from her husband Wednesday morning while he was training in Florida.

“I am incredibly happy, I am very grateful to all the people who fought for it, helped it,” he said. “There may be moments of disappointment, but I think women’s sports are evolving, sometimes it takes a while for everyone to appear on the same page. I am glad that this decision has been made. “Decision is a decision for women in sports,: we can move forward.”

The IOC had ruled that no family could travel to Tokyo due to COVID-19 restrictions, but Gosher noted that international media outlets ները sponsors could travel to Tokyo and a large number of Japanese spectators were allowed to stay.

“Japanese Apon fans will be present, the arenas will be half full, but I do not have access to my daughter?” Gosher said in his video. “We have tried to appeal. Everyone says they are on a plane, but no one can do anything. Let’s see if we can make a change. It is 2021. Let’s try to make mothers normal. ”

The new policy affects other athletes who have won a ticket to Tokyo, including US soccer star Alex Morgan, whose daughter Charlie, born in May 2020, was able to accompany his mother on his journey.

In April, Morgan told reporters that mothers could be “allowed to have their children with them while they compete.” “If the baby is not 1 or 2 years old, they can still breastfeed, so that’s a huge part of it.”

Gosher and Morgan will both compete in their third Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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