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East Rutherford, NJ: – Meadowlands hosted the Les Yul Siegel Fashion Farm-sponsored Breakfast for Babies, starting at 9 p.m. At 00 in the cloudy sky, without wind և 75 degrees.

With the baby races coming to an end, today the racehorses, who select the qualifying rounds and run fast miles, gave some useful insights into next month’s Grand Stakes Grand Stakes.

Great Ramona Hill trained well for Andy McCarthy 1. With a victory of 53.1. He followed Hello I Love You’s steady friend 1: 24.4 through three quarters, then sailed on its own, eagerly awaiting the next Saturday’s Hambletonian maturation for coach Tony Alagna և owners Brad Grant, Crawford Farms, Robert LeBlanc և von Fodera և Steve Vienick. In the gym partners.

Pacing fillies Staycation Hanover (Todd McCarthy) and Firestart Hanover (Dexter Dunn) went the wire together, ending in 27.2. 52.4 miles to the end. “Mistletoe” shawl is next week for sophomores.

Ake Svanstedt brought Hamlet prospective Corey Medowolander to him this morning և 1:53 /. It aired 26.4. GooGoo Gaagaa’s donkey, alone above, almost all the way, is definitely a hat-trick կարծես seems to be the place you want him to go on the first Saturday in August.

Finally, two of Bongiorno’s trainers, the daring Nicholas Beach (B. Sears) կայուն and his new steady Major, Bates (A. McCarthy), joined the string tandem in 27 seconds: 1. 49.4 miles away when Nicholas declared the thinnest winner on the sidelines. It seems that the couple is ready for anything.

The first of ten 2YO races was an absurd pace, with Dexter Dunn leading Isntitalovelyday for a long time, moving like a winner to the very end, when Sweet Rock Deo De Jack Pelling gathered well back to Isntitalovelyday. wire 1: In 54.4. Superbly (T. McCarthy) was third. Brett Pelling trains the winner, a Sweet Lou filly from the great race mare Rocklamation, which buys $ 190,000 Lexington (LSYS) from DEO Volente Farm և TLP Stable, bred by David McDuffie.

Giza Dreams (Scott er Eron) was the start to finish the winner in his very first game, setting comfortable fractions, then scoring the end of 28:03, one mile 2. 01.1: Grandeur (Pat Lachance) collected but dropped to second place. Giza Dreams, by Red Hot Walner, is trained by Fam Of Hall, Linda Toscano by Wiseman Farms, and Carter Duer by Breeder.

Quick Snap (Dexter Dunn) first asked the winner: Riding among the horses at 27.4, he reached 1:55 miles. Leighton Hanover (A. McCarthy) gathered a short distance from the winner but could not reach him until Top Genius (er eron) was in third place after cutting the mile. Let It Ride Stable (also breeder), Bottom Line Racing և MT Pockets Stables dominate the winner of the Betting Line, working with coach Tony Alagna.

Sharp look Nunjio: Lotsoit S (Sears) took a splitting classic robber from Abruzzo (Marcus Miller), then dug an impressive hole to maintain Fast As The Wind (Dunn)’s delayed speed a1. 56.4 /: For the victory with a score of 28.1. Stall TZ home breed Letsdoit S is trained by Marcus Miller.

Niki Hill (Dunn) was impressed with his career by putting his beautiful pocket at 1: 1. 54.4 /: Defeat Captain’s Princess (A. McCarthy) 27.2 with a third of the treacherous Dragon (Tim Tetrick). The winner, who has always been a servant of B Miki, was bought by Tom Hill from Lexington for $ 155,000 from breeder Stephen Dayll. Chris Ryder, who coached the great Party Girl Hill for the same relationship last season, is the winner.

Ready Cash – Jeannica S (Mattias Melander), another winner who initially asked 1: 59.2 /:29.1: Melander followed in the footsteps of Intellect Hill (Dunn), even in fractions, before making it easy for Be Be Awesome (Dave Miller) to throw out the three-quarters of the ball that shone well on the late sidewalk until the second hand was raised. Courant Inc is owned by the winner, who was bred in France by Ulysses Stabel and coached by Marcus Melander.

The arsonist (Dan) led the whole way 1. 54.2 /: Gaining a 28.1 advantage over Captain Cook (Yannick Gingras) and looting Bounty Hunter (Sears). The arsonist is Captain from a home-made candlelight dinner owned by Let It Ride, Mac Nichol, Howard Taylor, and Robert Cooper, who trained at Chris Ryder Barn.

Ducasse (Jimmy Takter) took the final step in nailing Highgate, who set all the pieces for coach / driver Greg Peck. 01.3 /: 29.1, and Mr. Michelon (M. Miller) came in third. Duke Father Patrick colt, bred by Fair Island Farm, which kept a number of partners with Brixton Medical, Christina Takter և Hatfield Stables after it sold Lexington for $ 100,000.

Captaintreacherous filly Don’t Fence Me In got them on their feet in the magnificent Bell Manor on Boynton Beach when Dexter threw him off the cover of Yes Yesed (Tetrick) and then broke into himself. 54.4 for victory in his individual final. fractional sub-legislation in 27 zones. Captiva (T. McCarthy) finished third after finishing the mile. Don’t Fence Me In was developed by Myron և Stephanie Bell Riverview Breeding և and is now owned by Steve Head, Jerry Glantz և coach Tony Alagna.

Butterfly Face S was in the right place at the right time for coach / driver / owner Lucas Wallin, taking advantage of Pink Coco Chanel’s long break and then fighting for Ladybugs N Bourbon (Dunn) 1: 1. Victory with a score of 56.1. Swedish Raja Mirchi foil was bred by Lufthansa Colgin և Anna Svensson.

Click here for the full results of the race.

By Nick Salvi for The Meadowlands

Saturday morning training in Medowland (Nick Salvi photo)

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