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Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, Head of Ministries Word on Fire Robert Barron has called on Catholic Democrat lawmakers to argue that dialogue with U.S. bishops on receiving abortion is the best way to advance the dispute over the Eucharist. She cited the Democrats’ retreat to change even the most extreme positions on abortion.

“Bishop. Will Catholics Support Newborn Abortion Survivors? ”The New York Post published an article in the New York Post on June 28, 2021.

The bishop noted that despite his family’s deep democratic political background, he struggles with “abortion policies, where the party has been taking an extremely extreme stance lately.”

The bishop asked Catholic Democrat lawmakers to show a conscientious objection to abortion և Holy Liturgy, supporting, at least, legislation that advocates post-abortion equivalent to requiring a ban on homicide.

When last seen as part of a budget decision, on February 5, 2021, a bill to protect Senator Ben Sase (R-Neb.) B survivors from abortion was passed by Democrats in the Senate. The bill would require the necessary care for infants who have survived abortion attempts.

Bishop Baron noted that two years ago his attempt to engage in dialogue with Democrat members of Congress was met with relentlessness. “Are they asking, given the ban on third-trimester abortions?” Absolutely not, the answer came. Would they, by clicking, be open to partially restricting abortion, the procedure by which scissors are inserted into the brain of a child already trapped? “No way,” they said.

“Well, I was wondering if they would be acceptable to support legislation born to protect the life of a baby who miraculously survived an abortion. No, they said. “

The founder of “Word about fire” said that then he challenged. If Democratic lawmakers want a real dialogue, they need to move to common ground, protecting a child who has already survived a traumatic life experience.

«[A]”A valid dialogue,” he said, “involves a certain willingness to give and take.”

“We are ready to lend a hand. But if defending the life of a baby struggling to breathe after surviving a brutal attack on his life is a bridge for politicians advocating abortion, I ask again. What are we talking about? ” he wrote.



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