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Big Brother Alumni Victor Arroyo և Nicole Franzel Wants to have more kids “back to back”. Victor and Nicole became parents for the first time last month.

Now that Big Brother Alumni Victor Arroyo և Nicole Franzel have started raising their family, they plan to have more children »Back to back“Nicole and Victor have announced that they are expecting their first child together in January 2021. They were married two months later in Florida after having to reschedule their wedding plans due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Last month, Big Brother The graduates first became parents when they gave birth to their son, Victor “Net” Arroyo. Ero was born on Friday, July 23. He weighed 6 kg, 15 ounces. : Measured 20 inches long at birth. Towards the end of the pregnancy, Nicole’s doctors discovered that Ero had broken down, meaning that she had not returned to her correct position. Nicole eventually had to give birth due to a violation of the Net.

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Although Nicole was concerned about the caesarean section, she later described the experience as “magic“Now she and Victor are ready to have more children. “Victor said in his Instagram Story that he և Nicole wants to have more children.”Back – back.“While Nicole was still in the hospital, Victor was updating his fans on social media. One of the fans asked him how soon he և Nicole hoped to give Arro a brother or sister. “Victor noticed.”We want them to go together.“In general, Nicole and Victor hope to have four children together.

Victor tagged Nicole in the post; however, he did not speak on the subject. Nicole then forced her to return to social media since giving birth to Ero. As throughout her pregnancy, Nicole was quite open and honest about her work and postpartum experience. A few days after returning home with a family of three, Nicole returned to the hospital with heavy bleeding. Nicole was afraid she was bleeding. Fortunately, everything was fine, and he returned home shortly after arriving at the emergency room. Since then, Nicole has been recovering from childbirth, adapting quite well to the life of a new mother.

In addition to child Arro, Victor and Nicole are also furry parents of two dogs. Nicole loves animals and often brings home the stray animals she finds that can be injured. Then he will take care of them until he finds a home he loves. As for Victor, he is still busy with his hard working hours. Since “Nicole” and “Victor” live a busy life, it is unclear whether they will eventually have four children together. however, they will most likely give Arrow at least one sister or sister. According to Victor, Arrow will soon become a big brother. After 20 years, all their children can compete Big Brother turning potential sisters ույր sisters together.

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