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This guide is based on the advice of the Joint Vaccination Committee (JCVI:) [footnote 1][footnote 2], Independent Advisory Committee on Vaccine Experts, UK. Complete information will be available in the newly written Green Paper (Immunization against Infectious Diseases) in the chapter on tuberculosis.

Ing time:

The Bacillus Calmette – Guérin (BCG:) The vaccine will continue to be offered to all eligible infants. Those born on or after September 1, 2021 will follow the new schedule. The vaccine should be given to appropriate infants within 28 days or immediately thereafter. This may be possible at an earlier stage, leading to severe combined immune deficiency (SCID:) The output of the display is available.

Supply of vaccines

In: BCG: The vaccine will continue to be ordered through the ImmForm website. Make sure you have an ImmForm account before you can log in. See the ImmForm Worksheet for ImmForm account registration information.

Patient group instructions (PGDs)

Updated: PGD: template by England Public Health (PHE:) for administration BCG: will be available to the NHS England և NHS Improvement Services to authorize ծառայ to accept the services they have ordered before management requirement. BCG: Within 28 days.

Child Health Information Services (KISS)

NHS England և NHS Improvement met with the NHSX to coordinate changes in data requirements KISS system to support it BCG: path Newborn BCG: Eligibility data will be recorded KISS, which will be the first to announce the unification. BCG: Vaccinations will also be recorded KISS As for other childhood vaccinations. This will help in collecting rapidly evaluated vaccine coverage (CO A VER KEL) data that provide a stronger national data set և generally contribute to the improvement of the program.

SNOMED passwords

SNOMED codes recommended for recording receipt BCG: in patients’ electronic records (KISS/ GP) are available.

NHS England և NHS Improvement are responsible for operation KISS և NHS Newborn BCG: immunization program. Parents and carers of eligible children born on or after September 1, 2021 will be offered a vaccination by a health care professional.

Newborn BCG: suppliers will inform KISS գլխավոր The baby’s chief doctor after the vaccination. General practitioners should update their clinical records as necessary. See Appendix C: BCG: Vaccine data flows և Patient care information.

Financing and service arrangements

NHS Newborn BCG: The immunization program is currently funded by the Clinical Commissioner Group (CCG:) Maternity rate. Funding arrangements will not change.

Updated newborn collection BCG: 2/4/6 of the immunization program schedule documents were prepared and used in planning the service reviewed by the regional commissioners.

Information for parents, carers and health professionals

The following immunization leaflets for parents and caregivers have been revised to support the Imm program change. They are available to order on the Health Publications website.

In: BCG: Information on parental vaccines on the NHS website will be updated from August 2021.

Detailed training slides showing the change in the Schedule will be available from August 2021 in the Tuberculosis section PHE: Immunization Website:

Document: “Changes in the NHS Newborn BCG: Vaccine schedule. Information for healthcare providers providing additional information on program eligibility, planning, and vaccine management will be available in the TB section from August 2021. PHE: Immunization Website:

For advice on risk groups, defective vaccines, vaccines abroad, see the Green Paper chapter տեղեկատվ Information for health professionals.

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