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The story of a Michigan scientist who saved the children of a dead turtle is gaining ground on the Internet today. The appearance of a man taking steps to save an unborn baby from a dead animal restores a person’s faith in humanity. Dr. Eric S. Martens, a scientist with the gut microbiome, said he met a turtle in early June this year on his way home from work. To help the animal cross the road, Martens stopped his car and got out, but unfortunately he realized that the animal was already dead because he had been hit by the car.

After a quick glance, the scientists realized that she had probably left the spawning ground. Martens then brought the animal home and performed a section of the maternity ward to rescue the newborns. Fortunately, he was able to take the eggs, which were 7 in total. Martens laid the eggs “in the ground; began the incubation.”

In a series of tweets, Martens shared the whole story.

Explaining the mother tortoise’s maternal instincts, the scientist shared that while she was laying eggs, a huge storm started, which, according to her, is undoubtedly the reason why the tortoise left the water at night.

Sharing pictures of the hatched babies, Martens later found out that almost two months later, the incubated eggs began to hatch. Beautiful pictures will just make your day. He wrote that so far 2 turtles have appeared, they are healthy, while 3 of them are still on the way. “It will take a few days to get full strength, maybe a couple of meals before returning to the same pond where my mother came from,” they added.

The users of the microblogging site were moved by this story and wrote that Martens deserved the “kindness award”. “Wonderful story, it made my day,” wrote one user, while many wondered how the scientist was able to perform the maternity ward.

Some even called Martens a “hero” for his kind gesture.

What do you think of this heartbreaking story?

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