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For more than four decades, the EFRAT organization, led by Dr. Eli Schussheim, has been rescuing Jewish infants by giving them mothers the opportunity to overcome their own troubles and make the best choices for themselves.

In an age where abortion or equality is automatically dependent on one’s political affiliation, EFRAT has always been above politics.

“I am in favor of the election.” was the motto of Dr. Shusheim. From her experience dealing with pregnant women in distress, she learned that the vast majority of women seeking abortion thought they had no choice. Moreover, the vast majority were pitifully unaware of the medical, physical, and emotional aspects. As a doctor, his reasoning was that a pregnant woman has the right to receive information about her physical and emotional health.

In discussing the risks of abortion, Dr. Shusheim put all the facts on the table. “There are physical complications from abortion, many of which are treatable,” she said. “However, the effects of emotions, in the form of regret, can be devastating throughout life.”

Ruth Tiddhar, EFRAT Chief Social Officer, shares the organization’s core policy. “We will never try to seduce women with ideological, moral or religious arguments. Instead, our goal is to empower them through information and support so that they can make the best decision for themselves. Women who come to us feel like having an abortion. We show them that there are other options. “Learn more about Efrat >>

Photo by Efrat PRPhoto by Efrat PR

Statistics show that most of the abortions in Israel are due to financial problems,, this is the source of Dr. Shusheim’s rally cry. “You do not end your life because of money.” Depending on the individual situation, EFRAT will provide everything needed to overcome the economic difficulties, thus preventing unnecessary termination of pregnancy. Government և Guide to using different city programs, emotional support և practical support. The latter is a complete package to take care of all the needs of the child. Bed, stroller, bathtub, baby seat, cheese, etc., as well as monthly delivery, which includes formula, diapers, and other baby supplies for the first two years. In extreme cases, EFRAT even sends food baskets to other family members.

“Women who are considering abortion are in a delicate, stressful, often difficult situation,” explains Tidhar. “They may want to keep their child, but they feel lonely, worried, desperate. In addition to financial assistance, EFRAT is committed to providing emotional support, ensuring that no woman feels alone in her struggle, enabling her to achieve emotional well-being and flexibility.

For this purpose, EFRAT has a team of about 3,000 trained volunteers, many of whom considered themselves abortions, but with the help of EFRAT kept their children. These volunteers are motivated to help other women and continue to be active in women’s lives for as long as necessary.

Miri K. has been an EFRAT volunteer for over 25 years. “I started when supporting women in getting pregnant was not a priority. Many women made the torturous decision to terminate their pregnancies alone. Some of the babies born to the women I supported when I started volunteering are now in the military or even have families of their own. “It’s crazy.”Here’s how you can help

(Photo by Efrat PR) Dr. Eli Shusheim (Photo by Efrat PR) Dr. Eli Shusheim

Miri explains that no two cases are alike. “So many issues are being discussed. The couple’s relationship, finances, family dynamics, health… It’s not just about giving them a stroller. In general! To support women means to help them rediscover their spirit, to empower them to find a place to think. It means helping them with housing, doctors, lawyers, helping them get benefits, raising awareness of their rights. ”

Miri’s relationships with the women she supports through EFRAT often extend from birth to birth. He is invited to celebrations and birthday parties. She has helped women find temporary residence and has often acted as a family support in the community.

Miri respects the privacy of every woman է is careful not to oppress anyone. It allows each woman to decide how much contact she wants to have with her family or friends. “My goal is to help the woman understand that she has options. “They know they can call me, that I will be with them on their terms,” ​​he said.

EFRAT makes information available using radio, television, central billboards, and local buses. The publications are distributed to the general public in high schools, military bases, universities and the general public. It has an active presence on social media with Hebrew և English Facebook pages, including pictures և testimonials. For women in need, there is an emergency hotline staffed by skilled administrators who liaise with other EFRAT teams as well as other agencies and services as needed.

Before the sudden passing of June 9, Dr. Shusheim gave lectures all over Israel, in high schools, military bases, universities, and around the world in various high-level forums. He was a man who had a mission and did his best to promote it.

To date, EFRAT has been actively involved in rescuing some 80,000 newborns, although that number is much higher, according to Chagash Goldschmidt, director of EFRAT, Dr. Schussheim’s son-in-law. “Dr. Schussheim’s hundreds of lectures and all the literature he spread were far beyond what we can imagine,” he said. “Not a day goes by that a woman does not call EFRAT to tell us that after listening to my father-in-law (for some it was years ago), they made the firm decision to never have an abortion,” she said.

EFRAT is actively pursuing Dr. Shusheim’s legacy to rescue Israeli infants through an ongoing campaign to rescue 500 infants. Continue the hard work of Dr. Ellie Schusheim մի և help us save Jewish lives. Partner with an organization that has proven itself, that continues to do so, saving Jewish children and their descendants. Learn more ություն Make a change >>

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