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The effects of air pollution on pregnant women are often associated with a negative impact on the health of newborns. However, there is little research on this topic. The study at UPV / EHU ended with an article published in the journal. Environmental research The most sensitive stages of air pollution are early or late pregnancy.

According to recent studies, air pollution affects the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormone may play a role in fetal growth, regulate metabolism, and play a role in neurological development. Thyroxine (T4) is the main thyroid hormone. It circulates, and the thyroid-stimulating hormone – TSH. The baby will have a heel spur test within 48 hours. Thyroid TSH levels in the blood are measured. In fact, they balance thyroid hormone; if not, the risk of developing a serious disease increases. Therefore, “This study aims to analyze the relationship between air pollution during pregnancy and neonatal thyroxine levels,” said Amaia Irizar-Loibide, a researcher in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at UPV / EHU. Explained:

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2:) և Particle size less than 2.5 Minecraft diameter (PM)2.5:) Are the two major pollutants related to air pollution and vehicle traffic? at noon2.5: For example, the particles are very fine and easily enter the airways. “This study specifically analyzed the maternal influence of these microparticles. Relationship between nitrogen dioxide and thyroxine levels during pregnancy and in newborns. We monitor weekly because fetal development varies greatly from week to week. So we tried to find as much detail as possible to find the most sensitive week of pregnancy, ”added the UPV / EHU researchers.

Next, we analyzed a sample of Gipuzkoa’s INMA (Environment և Childhood) project. Data on air pollutants PM:2.5: And no2:Data on TSH և T4 levels from neonatal heels collected in the project were also used.

According to Irizar, “The results of this study are: Direct link between microparticle exposure during pregnancy և “newborn thyroxine level”. However, no clear correlation was found with the effects of nitrogen dioxide. Therefore, these results are consistent with previous limited studies. It directly affects the balance of thyroid hormones. These babies tend to have low thyroxine levels. It turned out that these relationships gradually diminished as the pregnancy progressed. In other words, the mother’s influence gradually diminishes. However, at the end of the pregnancy, this association becomes apparent again, but with the opposite effect. Increasing the concentration of these particles was found to increase the level of thyroid hormone, which had the opposite effect on balance. The mechanism behind all this is not clear. In any case, we have come to the conclusion that the most sensitive period of pregnancy for air pollution is the beginning and end of the month, “said the UPV / EHU researchers.

“The next challenge is these delicate particles. It has the opposite effect in the early and late stages of pregnancy. In fact, these particles are just smaller spheres of carbon,: it is not clear whether these areas are effective in moving from the placenta to the baby or other components attached to the particles are released. None. “I entered my body,” he explained. Pregnancy not only affects the thyroid gland. “Apart from hormones, there are other aspects, such as neuropsychological development, growth and obesity,” Irizar explained.

The effects of air pollution during pregnancy are associated with slow growth

For more information:
Amaia Irizar et al., Prenatal exposure to air pollutants կապ Relationship between neonatal thyroxine (T4) levels Environmental research (2021) DOI: 10.1016 / j.envres.2021.111132:

Basque University

Quote:Air Pollution During Pregnancy, July 2, 2021 https: // (July 2021) Newborns born after 2 days can affect growth

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Air pollution during pregnancy can affect the growth of newborns Source link Air pollution during pregnancy can affect the growth of newborns

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