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  • Zoundream was founded two years ago and specializes in cataloging and translating baby cries.
  • Zoundream raised just over $ 1 million in its first round of funding last October.
  • The company now wants to expand into early detection of atypical neonatal development.

We all know that children are not born with a “how” guide.

During the first months of a baby’s life, parents often struggle not only to meet their baby’s needs but simply to know what they are.

No matter how much a new parent wants to soothe their child’s endless desperate cries, it can be difficult without knowing what they want.

Many give up one of their parents’ first lessons. They do not always understand their children.

In the age of the Internet of Things, smartphones and tablets, however, some people use technology to study modern ways of working on age-old issues.

Ana Laguna, a 33-year-old scientist and data management expert, gave birth to her first child in 2016.

crying little one

Zoundream was born on the basis of one idea. The expression of the needs of newborns is universal.


After crying for several hours, he had a thought. There must have been a way to translate the cry of a newborn baby.

The idea seemed so obvious that he thought there must already be a company that had successfully developed a device or program, but the only thing he could find was a Korean program that just worked.

Ack rooted, to some extent, technological control, his intuition soon turned into a project. She would record her baby crying for patterns.

“Many projects happen by mistake or when necessary. “Mine is one of the last,” Laguna told Insider.

Over the years, the Laguna project has grown into a full-fledged Zoundream company.

The company specializes in translating crying for infants, particularly those under the age of six months.

After raising less than $ 1 million in its first phase in October 2020, Zoundream now wants its research to help detect abnormalities in newborns at an early stage.

There have been several stages in the development of Zoundream to bring it to where it is now.

sleeping next to a baby monitor

The company specializes in translating crying for infants, particularly those under the age of six months.


Laguna’s first major concern was finding out that children from different countries cry differently.

If, for example, the cry of a German child were different from the cry of a Spanish child, it would significantly reduce the potential audience of the software, as well as the viability of the whole program.

After many hours of gathering information on scientific publications on the subject վերլուծ analyzing sound samples, Zoundream came to a conclusion. Although there were significant differences in the prosody of the shout, the content in the languages ​​was always the same.

In other words, although German-Spanish children may sound different, they are essentially trying to say the same thing.

The only thing left to do was to move the business forward. This is where Roberto Iannone, the current CEO of the company, comes from.

Hundreds of miles from Laguna, almost at the same time as him, entrepreneur Ianone had already had such an idea. So when a colleague told her about Laguna ուսումնասիր’s studies of crying babies, which were already gaining some media attention, Ianno knew what to do.

Zoundream was born on the basis of one idea. Although there are more than 7,000 languages ​​in the world, expressing the needs of newborns is universal.

The company now translates children’s cries into five types: hunger, sleep, pain, gas, attachment, or desire to keep.


The company translates children’s cries into five types: hunger, sleep, pain, gas որդ attachment.

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This classification method works best for infants under three months of age, when crying is more sincere. From this moment, according to Laguna, the synapses of the child’s brain become more complicated. They start learning at full speed.

As a result, children begin to use certain strategies to get what they want.

In other words, people learn to lie before they learn to speak.

After the birth of her second child, Laguna decided that she simply did not want to record her own baby crying. he wanted other parents to be able to contribute to the project.

The baby cries for an average of two to three hours a day. Over time, Zoundream has managed to collect thousands, thousands of hours of shouts analyzed by spectrograms from Europe, Asia, and across the Americas.

This means that tZoundream is already working on improving translations that are still just prototypes.

Zoundream is partnering with companies that will enable the technology to be integrated into strollers, bracelets or even surveillance cameras in the coming years.

One condition is that the system should be automatic.

Awareness of autism

Zoundream wants to move on to discovering the atypical developments by making babies cry.

Zahraa Saleh / Shutterstock:

“When a baby cries, their parents will go to see them, completely forgetting about the cell phone, everything,” says Laguna.

In addition to audio, the company began receiving feedback.

“I remember, for example, a mother who said that her son would not stop crying. “The recordings told us he was hungry,” Laguna said. “It did not make sense to him because he was constantly breastfeeding. “Finally, he told us that we were right that the doctor had found a problem with his tongue murmur, that he was not eating well.”

Such cases inspired the Zoundream team to try to make the next flight և to discover atypical developments in the way babies cry.

According to him, some cases are obvious. “The cry of a child on the autism spectrum is very descriptive, very hoarse. You can see it very clearly on the spectrogram. ”

In doing so, Laguna explains, the company hopes to help improve early diagnosis, which can greatly improve the quality of life.

“Early diagnosis,” he says, “causes autism at about age two.” Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

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