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It is reported that the South African woman, who claims that she had 10 children, hit back at her father, who expressed concern that it was all a hoax. He insists the scrap is real, but fears his family is using it for financial gain.

Earlier this week, Father Teboga asked people to stop donating money to Gosiame Thamara Sithole because he had not yet met his potential children a week after their expected birth.

He said he last saw Seattle on June 7 before he was rushed to a Pretoria hospital where he claimed to have given birth to seven boys and three girls, the Sun reported, citing Pretoria News. :

“She was seven months and seven days pregnant. I am happy. I’m emotional. “I can not say much,” he said when he learned that he could not visit COVID-19 due to restrictions.

But on Tuesday, the Tsotets family issued a statement saying they had “concluded” that the children did not exist.

“He (Tebego) tried to visit his girlfriend several times, but he could not find out her whereabouts, the condition of the newborns,” the statement said, according to the Sun.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole և Tebogo Tsotetsi
According to the family, Teboga ot ots (from the right) “concluded” that the children did not exist.
Tobil Mathonsi / African News Agency

“The family decided that there were no couples born between Tebogo Tsotetsi and Gosiame Sithole, unless proven otherwise, they wanted to apologize for any inconvenience or embarrassment.”

Seattle has now pushed back the ottoman, telling South African journalist Piet Rampedi in an undisclosed location that he had been “blinded” by his allegations, claiming that his family was the main reason he had avoided giving birth.

Seattle called his partner’s family “bitter”, said they wanted to use him “for the children’s financial gain”, and insisted he would not find out where they were until he was ready.

“I feel like they never loved me, I was forcing myself on them,” he told Rampedi, according to the Sun.

Several family members claim that Seattle really gave birth to 10 children recently. Bypassing former world record holder Octomom Nadia Suleiman, who gave birth to eight children in 2009, Halima Cisse, a Malian woman who has given birth to nine children. in May in one of the hospitals in Morocco.

However, no doctor was able to establish the fact, as he did not see any photos of South African infants.

Presumably, Pretoria News has all the details of the delivery, but publishes it for “cultural-religious reasons.”

Dean Mavela, a professor at the University of Health Sciences in Sefako McGatto, says glazing is rare and usually occurs with fertility treatment.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole:
Seattle would be a world record holder for most single babies if its folds were real.
Tobil Mathonsi / African News Agency

“It simply came to our notice then. I do not know how often this happens. “It is extremely high risk (pregnancy),” she said, according to the Sun.

“The danger is that because there is not enough space in the womb, there is a tendency for them to be small,” Mavela said.

“What if they were taken out early, because there is a risk if they are kept there longer?” Newborns will come out small, their chances of survival are endangered. But it all depends on how much he wears them. ”


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