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The mother has launched a campaign of stronger laws to protect women who have lost their unborn children as a result of domestic violence.

Nicola Murray says the courts should take greater account of the loss of a baby when punishing violence against their partner.

The 43-year-old girl, who was from Stanley, Perthshire, says her violence led to three miscarriages.

After losing her son Brody, she set up the Brodie’s Trust to support women who have had similar experiences.

And on a further mission, Nicola signed a petition to introduce the unborn victims of violence or the Brody Law Act to create a crime so that “the judiciary can properly prosecute the perpetrators.”

Nicola had previously contacted the Perthshire Women’s Aid (PWA), which she believed posed a threat to her family.

The group found him “absolutely skinny” when he arrived and said he believed he had PTSD.

Nikola said. “We were advised to move,” PWA said.

“I just buried my little boy Brody three weeks ago.

“I was still completely traumatized, traumatized. You are told not to tell your family or friends where you are going.

“Everyone knows where we are now, but in the beginning we could not tell anyone.

“It was for our protection, I was advised to think about changing our names, so I changed our last name to my mother’s daughter.”

While Nicola was dealing with her grief, she set up the Brodie’s Trust in 2018. He said. “Losing Brody made me fight hard for other injured women.”

“The Brodie’s Trust is a support group, not a charity yet, but we will get there.

“Before the epidemic, we had a monthly support group meeting. I plan to restore this year արկել run it by the end of this year,
Restrictions are easing because now everything is online.

“We offer an online listening service խումբ group. In case of court hearings, we offer advocacy և association to the court.

“Sometimes people who can support them there have to be at home to take care of their children.

“There is a lot left to do alone in these cases, which is terrible.

“I had a woman who contacted me about something that happened to her 20 years ago. I was the first person she talked to about it.

“It could not have happened 20 years ago, we are here. It is taking something negative, turning it into something positive. ”

He previously studied law, worked as a legal secretary, and last year qualified as a domestic violence adviser.

He is currently prosecuting forensic psychology at Open
University to give itself the best opportunity to make Brodie’s Law a reality.

“I was campaigning for Brody’s law to be recognized so that the seriousness of the crimes could be recognized,” he said. “I started it before, but the signature collection ended as a result of the government calling elections, so I am reviving it and running again.

“It will facilitate the prosecution of the police, the law will protect women more.

“According to the law, if a perpetrator of domestic violence causes a miscarriage, childbirth or forces a woman to terminate her pregnancy against her will, they cannot be adequately prosecuted, which leads to inappropriately mild sanctions in court.

“The government should create a special crime, which will allow the courts to impose much harsher punishments in such cases.

“There are so many crimes, pregnancy can be a cause of domestic violence, it can lead to forced termination, abortions.

“We can reconnect the network, now the restrictions are easing.”

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