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In India, COVID-19 infection was detected in the first and second waves of the coronavirus epidemic immediately after the birth of premature infants. Experts say that given the likelihood of a third wave, many measures need to be taken to protect children from COVID-19. In Delhi, who was part of the team preparing the Covid-19-19 treatment protocol for children, Dr. Rakesh Loda, chief professor in the pediatric intensive care unit in Delhi, said that despite the low intensity of the virus in newborns, there was still a need to protect them from infection.

In an interview with News18, Dr. Loda spoke about the need to vaccinate pregnant women to save their children from COVID-19 and other related issues. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Question: How can children be protected by vaccinating pregnant women?

Answer. Pregnant women who have had COVID-19 infection are more likely to have labor complications than normal pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should be vaccinated against COVID-19. The vaccine also protects the newborn by providing antibodies to pregnant women.

Question: What efforts should be made to protect infants from Covid-19 infection at the hospital administration level?

Answer. The available data do not support the hypothesis that children will be more exposed to future Covid-19 channels. Nevertheless, we must be prepared to deal with any situation.

According to the protocols, there should be separate wards or isolators for infected people or children. The Covid-19 ward should have a system designed for children so that parents can stay there as guardians. Arrangements for childcare resources or medical equipment used for child care should also be made at the hospital. Healthcare professionals need to be trained to care for Covid-19-positive children of all ages.

Question: How to protect children from the effects of Post Covid-19?

Answer. Post-Covid-19 MIS (Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome-C) has been reported in children, but it is not a serious problem; it can be treated if detected in time. While MISC can be controlled with conventional medications, children with severe conditions can be treated with steroids and immunoglobulin medications.

To protect children from infection, we need to adopt the same methods that we adults use to protect ourselves from infection.

Question: Any premature adult infant is infected with Covid-19. If so, what kind of treatment do these children need?

Answer. Yes, newborns are infected with Covid-19. Covid-19 infection has also been reported in preterm infants. Treatment of Covid-19 infection in infants is performed according to the standard protocol.

Question: Does Covid-19 positive woman also affect unborn child?

Answer. After a pregnant woman becomes positive for Covid-19, the delivery challenges are higher than for a normal pregnant woman. Being positive for Covid-19 also increases the chances of having a premature or premature baby or a low birth weight baby.

Fifteen percent of women infected with Covid-19 give birth to Covid-19-infected infants, but all of these infants have mild symptoms that can be treated normally.

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