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Pediatrician Dr. Msaif Khali examines one of nine newborns protected in an incubator at a maternity hospital in Ain Borja, Casablanca, Morocco, on Thursday, 2021.  On May 20, 25 weeks after Mali, two weeks after Halima Cisse.  , gave birth to nine healthy children

On May 20, Dr. Msaif Khali examines one of nine newborns in an incubator at the Ain Borja Clinic in Casablanca, Morocco, two weeks after giving birth to Halima Cisse of Mali. Abdeljalil Bunhar / AP Photo:

  • Halima Cisse from Mali says her nine children are naturally pregnant.

  • Just before giving birth, she thought she had seven children.

  • The four boys and five girls are doing well, although they remain in NICU.

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A 26-year-old mother from Mali talks about her record-breaking family two months after her nine babies were delivered to a Moroccan hospital. The woman, who also has a 2-year-old daughter, said the shameless women got pregnant without help.

Halima Cisse և her husband, 35-year-old Kader Arbi, got a life surprise when they learned that they were expecting high-quality multiplications, which was completely natural.

The couple was initially told they had seven newborns, with doctors warning that all newborns were less than 50% likely to survive. Cisse had gone to Morocco for better medical care, and it was there, minutes before the May 5 delivery, that she learned she was carrying nine children.

“I was shocked to learn that I had nine children because I thought it would be seven,” she told the Daily Mail.

These are the first non-births in the world to survive birth

There are only two non-registered cases in the world. A collection born in Australia in 1971, all babies died in their first week. The other collection was born in 1999 in Malaysia. All the children died on the day of birth.

A representative of the Guinness Book of World Records told NPR that they still have to officially check this record, saying that “the well-being of both mother and baby is a priority.” The previous record was held by Nadia Suleiman, also known as “octomom”, who gave birth to eight newborns in 2009.

Caring for both infants and mothers was so difficult that they were required to move to Morocco.

According to the BBC, Cisse was hospitalized in the 25th week of her pregnancy, and her medical team was able to delay the birth of her newborn until 30 weeks. Ten doctors և 25 nurses were involved in the birth of premature infants.

The marriage includes four brothers (Muhammad, Bah, al-Hajji, Umar) and five sisters (Hava, Adama, Fatuma, Wumu, Qadidiyah). They join their older sister, Souda, who is 2 years old.

Cisse said that she is still recovering from pregnancy and difficult childbirth, reports the Daily Mail. His stomach alone weighed about 65 pounds, and a caesarean section was difficult. Lots of blood loss that allowed him. Newborns who weighed 1 to 2 pounds at birth are all still in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“Having one child is quite difficult, but having nine is unbelievable,” Cisse told the Daily Mail. “Ast is the number of jobs involved in their care.”

So far, Cisse has the help he needs in a team of 35 caregivers. The Mali government has approved a family care bill valued at more than $ 1 million.

The couple has a three bedroom apartment in Timbuktu, Mali. Arbi works as a sailor in the Mali Fleet. The logistics of being the parent of 10 children are frightening, but for now Arbi said he is focused on nine new members of his wife’s family who are feeling well.

“There is a lot to work on in the future, but we are now focused on taking care of our babies and taking them home,” he told the Daily Mail. “My big concern is not the size of my house, how many rooms we have or the money, but making sure my wife and children are well.”

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