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Ray Lucas says his twin daughters were sleeping in the basement

According to local sources, a man from Detroit rescued his two newborn twin daughters from a house fire while they were sleeping in the basement.

Ray Lucas, who said he and his girlfriend went for a quick run to the gas station, returned Saturday morning to see his house completely on fire. They were only 15 minutes away.

Lucas reportedly saw his mother and niece standing in front of a burning house, but did not see their daughters.

“I just knew I had to take my kids out,” Lucas said of his 18-month-old twin daughters, Milan-Malaysia, who were still there. “That’s what came to my mind.”

He then fell back into the burning building to save the girls.

The brave father said that he used his memory to navigate the house in Eastpoent.

“You really could not see your hands in front of your face,” he recalled entering the smoking interior. “I really found my babies just because of my memory, just knowing where they are, knowing how to get them just by having the same route.”

His memory served him well, as Lucas was able to restore both children. Malaysia suffered severe burns, had to spend some time in the WMC, and was later released to his family. Milan was also in the WMC, suffering from some smoke inhalation. At that time, both girls were released from the hospital and are recovering. Shian Brown,

Lucas himself also suffered several injuries, including second- and third-degree burns, smoke inhalation, and vision loss.

“I was temporarily blind for three days, they said it was a miracle I was seeing,” he told reporters. “I have burns on my hands, but most of them are still here.”

Although the cause of the fire is still unknown, Lucas said the family was involved in the flood the day before the fire, which could be a possible cause.

Lucas was unable to work due to injuries, and the family lost their home.

“These last few days have been crazy, but I just wanted to thank everyone for their support, be it prayer, money, clothes, anything, I’m really grateful,” Brown said on Facebook on Wednesday. “My children were discharged from the hospital yesterday, and their father was also discharged. We are in the hotel now, we are all just trying to recover. ”

He added that the family needs financial support and resources to help them find a new home.

In GoFundme for the family on Wednesday, they say they need extra support to pay for medical expenses, furniture and income loss when Lucas lost his job.

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