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Felicity King had to wait almost three weeks for the body of a dead child to be cremated because a doctor had not signed her death certificate.

AC EXONWILL, Florida. – A lawsuit was filed against acks exonville Baptist Medical Center after a mother had to wait almost three weeks for her deceased child to sign a death certificate and be cremated.

On July 2, Felicity King’s son Mason died at 34 weeks while being treated for health problems at a Baptist Center hospital.

Baptist Health told the First Coast News On Your Side Team that the delay was that it did not “timely” connect the funeral home with the necessary doctor.

HARAKI. “We have to grieve over everything again.” The Acks Exonville family has been waiting for weeks for a doctor’s signature to cremate a dead baby

“It’s a feeling of peace as a family that has finally gone through, because it was a long process for us,” said the boy’s grandparents, Dvan և Tony Hall.

Halls say their daughter will close soon.

QL Douglas Funeral Home has finally been able to continue the cremation process, ordering uranium after a Baptist OB hospital signed his death certificate last week.

“Right now we are waiting for his remains to be found in his uranium and brought home,” Tony explained. “So thank you very much. Now we can really move forward with that.”

They plan to release a balloon for Mason when he gets home.

“Families with this type of loss should be treated with the utmost dignity and compassion, both of which were rejected by the royal family,” said family lawyer Corey Portnoy.

Portnoy filed a lawsuit on behalf of King on Tuesday, alleging that the hospital violated King’s rights over the remains and caused emotional distress.

“Our goal is, first and foremost, to take responsibility from the hospital for the carelessness and outrageous behavior that led to such trials for this family,” Portnoy said. – It was completely preventive. And you know, we’re here to do the right thing for the family, և we hope you know we can make an impact across the state. So this will never happen again! ”

The On Your Side team responded to the Baptist’s health. The hospital system says it has not yet been notified of the case.

Finally, Salons and King’s attorney want to make sure current Florida death certificate statutes are in effect.

“Something will help other families when it happens to their children that they are capable,” Dvan explained. “And, you know, it must be solved in time, giving families time to grieve, to work out everything. «

Morgan & Morgan Law Firm also sent the following official statement of grievance to the On Your Side team.

“The Baptist Medical Center allegedly failed in its legal responsibility to respond in a timely manner to Felicity King, to sign the usual documents confirming the death of her son, and to allow the autopsy of her son. The alleged negligence of the hospital deprived the king’s family of the ability to calm the child, and delayed the necessary closure after such a devastating tragedy. Families suffering this type of loss should be treated with the utmost dignity and compassion, both of which have been rejected by the royal family. We will fight to hold them accountable for their actions, for their inaction, for ensuring that it happens to another family once again. ”

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