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Whether you are preaching or renovating your current plant home from scratch, plant seedlings in the Home Design section. With so many plant pots out there, choosing one (or more) is a matter for your personal style, your plants և your home area.

Harvesting plant pots is specific to the plant you are transferring or growing. Some people may want their plants to multiply at a glance. This clean aquarium vase clean aquarium allows your plants and fish to thrive. Plus, it’s actually a piece of art for $ 18. For more modern home designers, this gold metallic set comes in three different sizes.

Plant pots can easily be the centerpiece of your room. If you want something serious that stands out, slide the Levitating Air Bonsai Pot for your office table or kitchen counter. Even hanging planters like this, which are doubled as wall decoration, can be assembled by two people and can give a stunning green, white or gold color to your walls.

Continue to bring nature և spice up your baby plants from these six plants.

1. Clean Acrylic Vase Flower Basket Plant Aquarium, $ 18.75

Loan: Amazon

Loan: Amazon

Give your fish և your flowers home և watch them grow. For just $ 18, you can turn your plant basket into a fish farm that will hang on your wall. Needless to say, you only need a wall anchor to complete the installation.

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2. Olivia & May Metal Planters in Pavilions, $ 79.99

Loan  Target:

Loan Target:

Save on some plant pots when you buy this collection from Target. These gold metal planters can add texture to a space that is filled with white walls.

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3. Por glass ceramic indoor planter, $ 44

Loan: Etsy

Loan: Etsy

For more modern, even customizable planters, this Etsy porcelain ceramic indoor planter will easily fit into any new space you move. Minimalist և versatile enough space with any space, this planter և has a drainage hole և rubber stopper to protect your furniture from possible damage.

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4. Comfort 13.5 inches x 26 inches Slate Rubber Self-Watering Planter, $ 68.88

Loan  Home storage

Loan Home storage

Take this modern, self-watering rubber planter for your outdoor plants. If you forget to take care of some plants, this planter helps to reduce water loss by keeping the water closed so that it does not leak or evaporate.

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5. Cloudy 1 piece ceramic pot planter, $ 31.99

Loan: Wayfair

Loan: Wayfair

If you’re committed to plant parenting, these indoor luxury plant pots may be right for you. They do not have a drainage hole, so be careful how much water you use.

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6. Levitating Air Bonsai Pot, $ 56.98 (origin: $ 61)

Loan: Amazon

Loan: Amazon

Sounds like a magic trick, but in reality it is just a magnet. Stretch planters are a neat way to get even more attention to your landscaping. Amazon is selling this amazing Levitating Air Bonsai Pot և it will easily become your next gift. In addition, it even rotates in the air.

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