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Thinking about the name of the perfect baby for your baby can be as difficult as it may seem. Some parents just have a baby name that they absolutely love, no matter what. Other parents prefer to find a name that means something to them, such as a child’s name meaning “warrior” or “strong.” That meaning is so versatile և it can be about so many different things, which makes it great for parents everywhere.

These are great names for babies who have lived a long time before they came out of the womb. Maybe you had a difficult pregnancy, or maybe it was difficult to get pregnant in the first place. The meaning of “warrior” can also be great for children who have or are struggling with a disease. But these circumstances definitely do not need to be there to choose one of these names. They can be just a child to live with, like the girl you want to raise to change the world, or the child you hope to become as brave, courageous and loyal as a warrior. These are some of my favorite baby names, meaning “warrior” or “strong”;



The Oscar is of English-Irish origin, meaning “champion fighter”, as he’s “spear of God” or “deer lover”. According to Irish legend, Oscar, the grandson of Ossetia’s son Finn McKumhail, was one of the most powerful warriors of his generation. It is also very common in Europe, especially in Sweden, France and Spain.



Lewis is of German-French descent, meaning “famous fighter”. If there seems to be a royal mood in it, it is because it is almost so. Prince William եյ Kate Middleton not only named their third child Louis, but it was the name of 18 French kings էր a popular version from the Middle Ages.



This sweet name, which means “strength in battle”, is of German origin and is a popular choice among celebrities. It was popular among the European royal family in the Middle Ages. And there are some beautiful nicknames: Tilda և Tilly are wonderful.



Blair’s name is Scottish և meaning “battlefield”, so although it is not “warrior” or “strong”, it is very similar. And if you are Gossiping girl If you were a fan, it would probably be reminiscent of Blair Waldorf, a modern-day art fighter, if that were the case.



Humphrey has ancient German origins, meaning “peaceful fighter”, which is a beautiful blend of calm and strength. It has old-fashioned vibrations written on it և it’s a pretty unexpected name choice, so if you want something unique, this is perfect.



Louisa, Latin name, means “famous warrior”. This is especially a big name for literary lovers. They think Louisa May Alcott Little womenor Louisa in Charles Dickens և Jane Ein Austin. It looks old-fashioned, it’s sweet, it’s so beautiful.



This Spanish name means “elf warrior”, գեղեցիկ at the same time beautiful և elegant. It is the name of a Spanish saint who is very common in Spain, not so much in the United States.



The perfect gender neutral version is Koa, the traditional masculine Hawaiian name that has also recently become popular for girls. It means “warrior”, it’s unique, it: it feels fresh. Koa is a species of tree native to the Hawaiian Islands. This is a great name for your future adventurer.



Elda is such a different name with several different meanings. The Italian version of the name Hilda originated in Germany and means “war”. The Italian meaning is “fighting girl” and the English meaning “old, wise defender”.



Marisa, of Spanish-Italian-Latin descent, has two different meanings: falling into the sea, a popular battle. It resembles Melissa, though not as well known as the Spanish combination of the names և Maria և Louisa.



Like Louise, Louise means “famous fighter”, although it is of French origin. It looks elegant: chic, but it’s a little angry. It has a royal feel, as it is a royal name in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, France and England. It is rapidly becoming more popular, չէ it is not difficult to understand why.



If you want something very unique and feminine that still feels strong, choose Samaria. This beautiful name of Hebrew և Arabic origin means “point of view” և comes from the verb “shamar”, which means to keep or preserve. It’s not exactly “warrior” or “strong”, but it has a very similar meaning – it can show that your child will be a natural protector.




Alesia is a “beautiful” unique name that feels feminine without being also: feminine if it makes sense. It’s Italian «means” defensive fighter “. Alesia is very similar to names like Alicia և Alisa (both are much better known), but it stands out a little more.



This Scandinavian name means “brave warrior” and is a choice of a very brave masculine name. It can also be spelled Gunnar if you prefer. It is undoubtedly strong: popular without being too widespread.



Harry Potter Fans will not be surprised to learn that Bellatrix is ​​a Latin name meaning “female fighter”. Since Bellatrix is ​​not a very common name variant, be aware of any other HP: Fans will automatically think that you have named your child after the Death Eater. So … it might be a little awkward.



The male version of Murphy’s Irish և means “naval fighter”, making this name ideal for a beach-loving family. It’s a Celtic surname, which is also the most popular surname in Ireland, so it’s kind of fun to turn it into a name.



This Scottish name means “dark warrior”, a Scottish royal name that is also very common in Scotland. Duncan was the name of a Scottish saint և two early species in Scotland, so it has many royal connections. It’s another name that sounds like a last name, which makes it a great choice for a name.



This rather Irish name means “strong, virtuous, honorable”, perfect for the little feminist you have made. It is believed that this is the feminine version of the Irish name Brian, which comes from the ancient Celtic word meaning “noble”.



Karla can mean “free woman”, “warrior” or “army”, so it is another name that is ideal for feminist parents. This is the feminine version of the name Carl և Carlos և և it can mean “free man”.



Ayla (pronunciation: ay-luh) is a great name with two different meanings. Scottish Gaelic origin means “from a strong place” (which I personally think is amazing) և Finnish origin means “bringer of light” (which, again, is amazing). It is different և feminine.



This beautiful name of Latin origin may resemble “Valentine” to mean images of love, but it actually means “strong or healthy” (although it is the feminine version of Valentine). This is such a nice twist on the word “strong” և I love endless nicknames.



Luella is an English և German name meaning “famous fighter”. It is definitely very different և will stand out in any crowd. It’s just a mixture of “Louis” and “Ella”, which is kind of cool.



StefaNikolic / E + / Getty Images:

Well, I’m not the only one portraying Dustin Stranger Things:, right? In any case, the name is of Scandinavian origin and means “brave warrior” or “Tori stone”. Dustin has a kind of vintage feel to it, but that’s what makes it a little more appealing.



Igor is another name with several different meanings. In Russia, the meaning is “peace fighter”, which is quite nice to think about. It comes from Ing, the Scandinavian god of peace and fertility. And in Scandinavia, the meaning is “hero”, so you really can not go wrong.



The name Kane is of Welsh and Japanese origin in Hawaii, meaning “warrior”. It can be pronounced like a cane (think of the biblical name Cain), but when it is in Japan, Aponia, or Hawaii, it is pronounced ka-neh:. It has another meaning, with multiple meanings. In Welsh it can mean “beautiful” and in Japanese – “golden”.



Luigi is one of the great Italian names, but in fact it is of French-German origin, meaning “famous fighter”. This is the Italian version of the name “Louis”. Luigi will no doubt remind you of Mario Sail, which is kind of fun.



This French name means “little warrior”, which is really just wonderful. The feminine versions of this name include Marcella և Marcheline, both are chic և stylish. All of these names sound incredibly complex, they feel fresh and unique.



This Korean name means “strong”, and although you can associate it with figure skater Michelle Kwan, it is not really just a last name. It is a very common name in China.



Audrey’s name definitely evokes the image of Audrey Hepburn, and who says it’s a bad thing? It is of English origin, it means “noble power”, it feels very beautiful and elegant.



This Greek name is unique և interesting և means “power lover”. In Greek mythology, Philomena was an Athenian princess who was turned into a baboon by the gods to save her from a creeping king. A story of strange origin, but still interesting.

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