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US Olympic marathoner Alifin Tuliamuk said she did not expect to become a new mother to compete in the Olympics; she should not worry about allowing her youngest daughter to compete in the Olympics.

The coronavirus epidemic changed both for Turiamuk, who won the US Olympic marathon in February 2020.

When the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed due to an epidemic, Turiamuk and his fiancé Tim Ganon decided to take a break from competing to have children.

Turiamuk, 32, gave birth to her daughter Oe O in January.

“I always wanted to be a mom, I wanted to be an Olympic athlete, I wanted to compete at the highest levels of our sport,” Turiamuk told Good Morning America. “I never thought I would be a new mom at the Olympics.”

“It would not happen until 2020,” he said.

Triamuk resumed training in March, two months after Oe’s birth.

For the next few months, he continued his training in Tokyo, focusing on competing with Ganon և’s daughter.

Earlier this summer, Triamuk was flown to the Olympics when he learned that athletes’ families were not allowed to participate in Tokyo, including because of restrictions on COVID-19. This restriction places an impossible burden on Turiamuk, who is still breastfeeding Zoe.

“I was really shocked when they sent us a letter saying he could not come with restrictions,” he said. “What do they expect from us?” “Breastfed babies can not be left behind.”

Triamuk publicly spoke out against the restrictions and sent a letter to the President of the International Olympic Committee.

Earlier this month, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee changed course, saying that nursing mothers should be allowed to take their children to play.

In a statement to ABC News, the Commission says: “After carefully studying the unique circumstances of athletes ‘breastfed infants’, breastfeeding infants can, if necessary, transfer the athletes to Japan for aponia. I confirmed. «

Olympic mothers, such as US soccer star Alex Morgan, have said that it is always “necessary” for mothers to be with their breastfed babies, and that some have criticized the policy. I have done.

Olympic officials said last week that COVID-19 had declared a state of emergency in Tokyo and that spectators would not be allowed to watch the game at Tokyo’s new stadium.

Triamuk confirmed that he could take Z to the Olympics in less than two weeks while traveling to Aponia. We will also travel with Ganon, who is allowed to accompany the Olympics as Turiamuk’s personal trainer.

The Tokyo Olympics will kick off on July 23. The women’s marathon will be held in Sapporo on August 7, the day before the closing ceremony.

“I’m just grateful,” he told the GMA. “I can’t wait to go to Sapporo to compete for myself, my teammates, sponsors, my family, my daughter.”

Triamuk said he was inspired by Joe’s fierce struggle to join him, knowing that “mother-athletes can compete at the highest levels of the sport.”

“If we want to support women athletes, there are families that are partly women athletes. If you want to support me as a full-fledged athlete, you can make room for my family. You need to be able to make room. If you decide to start a family, for me. “You really can’t help women by talking about helping them.”

She said she was inspired by three female athletes, Allison Felix, Cara Gucher and Alicia Montano, who claimed to have been punished by Nike for getting pregnant in 2019.

Shortly after they were told, Nike announced plans to protect the salaries of more pregnant and pregnant women athletes.

“We have seen many times when people use their voice to make a difference,” said Turiamuk, adding that her sponsor, Hoko, supports her as a mother. “I would not have known how they would have reacted if Alison Felix, Kara Gucher and Alicia Montagno had not said that.”

“I feel very lucky for what I did,” he said.

Triamuk also said he hoped his words would help create more equal opportunities for future generations of girls, including oe o.

“I want my daughter to understand that this world is not easy, but it does not mean that you give up. It means that you double, work hard, take advantage of the opportunity you get. It means, “he said. .. “This is how you achieve your goals.”

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2021 Olympic Games. US marathon runner Alifin Turiamuk promotes breastfeeding at Tokyo Olympics

Source link 2021 Olympic Games. US marathon runner Alifin Turiamuk promotes breastfeeding at Tokyo Olympics

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