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Project for 100 newborns is a joint project of the Department of Public Health of the State of Georgia (PA), and the Road to Language և Literacy և Georgia State Department of Education (DOE). If you are a family with a newly identified child with a hearing impairment, watch a video explaining the project (in English / Spanish).

The goal. By 2020, all children with hearing loss in Georgia will have a “Birth Literacy Program”. The Birth Nut Literacy Plan will include everything you need to know to read at grade level by grade three, regardless of language (spoken or American sign language).

Competence. Children born in Georgia on or after January 1, 2014, with a permanent diagnosis of hearing loss, bilateral or unilateral.

Registration: Any parent interested in the Parent program should sign it informed consent (

Download this pdf file.


Download this pdf file.

) to include the project. All participants will be given a Georgian Test Identification Number (GTID). All children are given a GTID when they enter a public school to check for standardized test scores. Program participants will soon be given a GTID to track language development from birth to 8 years (third grade).

Plan: DPH will collect the following from birth to third grade.

  • Audiological information (hearing aids, cochlear implants, etc.)
  • Access to intervention services և registration
  • Language assessments
  • Family survey (collected annually)

Benefits: Admitted children will be assessed every six months to see if they are on track for grade-level reading. If the child is referred to an intervention specialist, only one formal assessment will be conducted at home for children aged 2-3 years. All other assessments will be completed by suppliers working with your family. Providers working with the family will provide information on the following:

  • Successes
  • Obstacles:
  • Existing / new resources
  • Key factors in achieving grade level reading

Note:Participation in this project is entirely voluntary. The competence of intervention services under the Intervention Plan will not be affected. For questions about this project, please contact our Neonatal Screening Program at 404-657-4143 or MCH at 888-651-8224.

The page was last updated on 11/27/2019

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